Real Estate Mortgage Planning and Payments

Plan your mortgage in advance

What you will learn

Plan your mortgage payments in advance (fixed monthly payment or fixed principal payment)

Looking at future interest rate changes

Learn how to save money and be better prepared to deal with any financial setbacks

Choosing the property that you can afford

Learn how to make important housing and property finance decisions


You may have been thinking about buying a home for quite some time now and thinking about going to get a mortgage for your home or property, but something is pulling you away from doing so. Whether it’s been the unaffordability of your housing market or the uncertainty of your employment situation.

In this situation you need to be well informed of what is going to happen from the day you get a mortgage until the day you pay back all your debts. You need to be aware that it’s not always going to go as you think it might go, you need to have more than one scenario with real numbers telling you how your mortgage is going to go for the total loan period.

This course will help you estimate what home you can afford so you can know how much money you need to set aside. The course will also help you estimate your mortgage payments from today until the ending of your loan period. We will apply different scenarios for different interest rate to see how this affects our mortgage and to see how much of interest we will be paying after 20, 25 or even 30 years. The course will look at fixed monthly payment and fixed principle payments with fixed rate or variable rate mortgages.




What is a Mortgage
Debt Service Ratio

Fixed Monthly Payment

Input Table In Excel
Amortization Table
Interest Paid
Principal Paid
Beginning and Ending Balance
Total Payments

Debt Service Ratio

Making Changes

Equal Principal Payment

Monthly Payments
Beginning and Ending Balance

How to Pay Less Interest

Double Payments
Yearly Payments

Looking at Different Scenarios

Changes In Interest Rates
Changes In Total Payment
Changes In Monthly Payment

Goal Seek

Which Interest Rate Can I Afford
Which Property Can I Afford
Change My Yearly Payment
Change Loan To Value Ratio

Thank you

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