Product Validation 101: A Mix Method Approach

The Ultimate Guide to Validating Your Product Ideas with a Mix Method Approach

What you will learn

Gain an overall insight into multiple industry standard research methods for product validation

How to validate a product that is not properly fleshed out yet

Mixing different user research methods to achieve product validation

Creating proper Product Landing Page to attract possible users in

Building a testing pool


In this course, “Product Validation 101: A Mix Method Approach,” you’ll learn how to use a mix of research methods to validate your product ideas and maximize their chances of success.

You’ll discover how to build a customer community, conduct Google sprints, build product landing pages, and do remote testing and surveys to gather valuable feedback and insights about your target market and product concept. You’ll also learn how to do in-person interviews with users to get a deeper understanding of their needs, wants, and behaviors.

Through a combination of lectures and case studies, you’ll learn how to effectively use these research methods to validate your product ideas and make informed decisions about your product’s viability.

By the end of this course, you’ll have gained a proper insight into the overall skills and knowledge you need to validate your product ideas like a pro, increasing the chances of your product’s success in the market.

This course is ideal for entrepreneurs, product managers, and anyone interested in learning how to validate their product ideas using a mix method approach. some prior knowledge or experience is required as the course might be touching upon certain concepts and terminologies that beginners might not be familiar with.





Build a Community

Build a Community

Google Sprint 2.0

A quick, short, Google Sprint 2.0

Build a Landing Page

Building a Landing Page


Sending out the Survey

Sending out the Test

Send out the Test to the users

Follow up with In person User Interviews

Qualitative Interviews and Re-testing

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