Web Development Course : laravel ORM and Raw PHP!

A complete web development tutorial for those who wish to build more powerful web applications using PHP frameworks

What you will learn

Build any website from concept to finish

Build scalable web applications

Build job recruitment , blogging , payment platforms




Introduction, Installation and Database Setup

Install wampserver and RawPHP
Installation and setup
How to setup your database


Introduction to routing
Routing the home page


What is MVC?

Front end

How to add icons
Customizing frontend
How to change theme
How many free flat ui themes are available on Bootswatch homepage
User Authentication Run Through
What is the default username and password for admin and user login in RawPHP

Adding list of countries in the world and states to database

How to add list of countries to your database
Adding list of states/provinces and local governments

Building out Countries

Country Model
Country Controllers
Create countries routes
Create countries index.twig view
Create countries add.twig view
Create countries edit.twig view
Create countries edit page
Deleting a country

ORM and Database Queries

Introduction to Laravel ORM and CakePHP ORm
Introduction to Database Relationships
User edit redirect fix
Create dropdown list of countries

RawPHP Command Line Interface (CLI)

Install RawPHP CLI
How to create models
How to generate controllers from CLI
How to generate controllers [Part 2]
How to generate views from CLI
Generate states view
Add and edit pages
Add states menu
Add skills field to signup page
Add url to skills table
Create skills model and database relationships
Create skills controller and routes
List all skills


Defining Many-Many relationships in the model
List all user skills
Create the skills-user join table
Refractor skills create
Fix add skills age
Skills view page
List users in skills view
Create search model
create search controller
Fix search Controller add method
Search results add controller
Display user search results
Concluding search results page

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