10 Days of Self-Care Activities for Positivity and Self-Love

What you will learn   Meditation for gratitude   Feel good yoga flow   Creative self-care activities to encourage more self-love   Downloadable workbooks to help support your self-care journey Description Would you like to bring a little more positivity and self-love into your life? This 10 day course is designed to help you discover …

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Gym workout using machines and cables only

What you will learn   You will learn how to train your whole body effectively without using free weights   Straight forward exercises nothing complicated, simple but very effective   Directed to beginners and intermediate people   Build muscles without lifting free weights Description Good day everybody, I am coach Ramzi and in this course …

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Chromebook Tech Support

What you will learn   How to Power Wash / Factory Reset your Chromebook   How to firmware restore any Chromebook from recovery   How to Turn on Developer Mode   How to ADB sideload unsupported Android apps   Chromebook flags and URL’s Description In this course you will learn how to firmware restore your …

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Engines in Oil & Gas Industry

What you will learn   Gas Turbines   Steam Turbines   Turbo Expander   Gas Engines and Diesel Engines   Organic Rankine cycle Description Course goals: To have an overview of all kinds of rotating equipment and their applications. A complete understanding of construction details, functioning, and performance of pumps/compressors for successful plant operation To …

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The Ubuntu Linux Desktop User Guide

What you will learn   Install Ubuntu Linux in Virtualbox and manage virtual machines   Become proficient navigating Ubuntu desktop interface   Managing files and directories using Ubuntu file manager   Customize Ubuntu desktop interface   Install Desktop and icon themes   Update, upgrade, installing and removing packages   Start applications automatically after login   …

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Basics Of Trendline & Breakout Strategies

Learn top 5 trendline breakout strategies in stock market with price action. What you will learn Learn basics to advance regarding trendline Learn trading with precision with trendline Learn top 5 unique trendline strategies Learn power of multiple touches Learn unique concepts to manage your risk per trade Learn candlestick pattern Learn different chart patterns …

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Blockchain Technology for Beginners

Learn the fundamentals of blockchain and create simple blockchain using django. What you will learn Understanding of how the blockchain technology works. What is the importance of blockchain. Why blockchain is more secure. What is hashing and how blockchain uses it. How to make simple blockchain in Django. Description Nowadays, you have probably heard the …

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