ALLAH Controls the Weather (Creator of Universe)

One True God | Creator of Universe | King of Mighty Powers | Holy Lord of All the Worlds

What you will learn

Belief in the existence of Allah

Belief in the Allah’s last and true messenger Muhammadﷺ

Belief in the truth of religion Islam

Belief that Quran is the true Word of God

Observing Allah’s Practical Miracles

Demonstrations of Allah’s control over nature


The purpose of this crash course is to bring awareness regarding existence of Allah and His control over the weather system of the universe in relation to His claims mentioned in an ancient holy book ‘Quran’

It is only an awareness and educational crash course with practical evidences and real world examples to prove that ALLAH is not an imaginary God unlike gods and goddesses of Non-Muslims so that truth seekers with open mind and heart will be able to accept Islam by the mercy of ALLAH.

You will have a very astounding experience and better understanding about ALLAH and His help through nature.

You will see unbelievable miracles of Allah in the 21st century of modern science and technology through nature.

It is impossible for most believers of Allah to even believe that it is a reality which is brought within this crash course regarding control of Allah through nature but it is possible to transform the weather system of real physical world from distance to any location remotely and spiritually utilizing Help of Allah.

Note: If you are a sincere Non-Muslim who is seeking the truth of Islam then you will find this course very much helpful because it is for truth seekers who are passionate about science and spirituality in relation to verses of Holy Quran that was revealed on last Prophet Muhammadﷺ of religion Islam by Allah in the 7th century.




Who is the creator and controller of weather system?
Can non-Muslims transform weather with help of gods and goddess?
Spiritual Experiment of the 21st Century in Lahore city of Pakistan
ALLAH vs gods and goddesses of non-Muslims
ALLAH is the creator and controller of the nature
Why you should not worry and fear religion Islam of Allah?
What about Muslims who left Islam?
What if someone is an extreme sinner?

Divine Signs from ALLAH for this Course Creation

Allah wrote his full personal name in Arabic اللہ
Allah wrote his name in Arabic again as للہ
Allah wrote in Arabic his name للہ and Muhammad محمد through white clouds
Allah wrote in Arabic his name للہ and Muhammad محمد near Sun and black cloud
Allah is writing in real-time in Arabic his name للہ and name of Muhammad محمد
You have seen and witnessed Power of Allah
Bonus Lecture

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