Yoga Connect to yourself, All that I see is all that I am

Who am I was the question. I am the Witness is the answer. I am the witness of your love, I am the witness of your joy.  I am the witness of good, the witness to your smiles, the witness to your bliss. I have seen you in lightness of heart, I have seen you in brightness of spirit.  The question is, if I am the witness, then who is the doer. Is it you or is it me.  Who is answering the question, who is asking it? Let us take a journey towards the path where we observe our own condition and nature to see if the outer world is reflecting the aspects of our inner state. I have designed this course for those of us who are needing a step to reach the inner realms of ourself to know it’s outer expression. This course is designed in such a way where I am showing the Physical aspects of  Yoga Asana and then the Energy aspect of an Yoga Asana that will become the bridge between the inner world and water world. This energy and awareness when you create through you can easily withdraw yourself back from any situation, change your energy, strengthen yourself and dive back into the situation. Not to establish victory on others but to establish victory on your own self.  Victory over our own self is invariably the victory over the world.

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