Maximize Customer Value to Make More Money Online

Learn how to effectively maximize customer value : a comprehensive approach to marketing for maximum conversion rates What you will learn What customer lifetime value is What is maximizing customer lifetime value How to build customer lifetime value What is customer value strategy How to increase customer growth What is the best way to increase …

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Cyber Security: Awareness For Everyone (2022)

Learn how to protect against cyber threats including social engineering, phishing, password attacks, ransomware What you will learn You will learn about how hackers exploit you through common attacks including social engineering You will be trained on how to spot social engineering attacks including phishing emails and take corrective actions You will learn the most …

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Residential Real Estate Mastery Blueprint – Session III

What you will learn Automated Email Marketing Building a Facebook Ad and Studying Your Analytics Which Landing Page Options are Available for Your Email Marketing Campaigns How to Set Up a Drip Email Marketing Campaign Sample Email Scripts Using an Automated Calendar App for Scheduling Listing Presentations Free and Paid Email Marketing Cloud Software and …

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Designing Scalable Frontend Systems

Attend your next frontend system design interview round with confidence What you will learn Designing frontend for crypto orderbook. Differences between HLD / LLD. Know the Interviewer’s expectations. Representing the complete HLD / LLD. Create a complete sequence diagram. Identifying the right tech stack. Consideration aspects for the use case. Leveraging generic templating mechanism. Component-based …

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Introduction to Software Engineering and Software Design

Software design, processes and requirements engineering What you will learn Learn about the basics of software engineering. Learn about the different terms used in the software environment. Need for software engineering and professional software development. Different software process models Requirements engineering Description This is a course which goes through the introduction to software engineering and …

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AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solution

The Fastest Way to Pass AZ-400 Certification Exam. What you will learn Passing the AZ-400 certification exam with confidence. Develop your familiarity with the real exam questions. Highlight the gaps in your knowledge. Track your progress and change your preparation strategy accordingly. Retain information for the day of exam. Be stress free on the actual …

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Self Discovery

Unearth an extraordinary version of yourself What you will learn Increasing your capacity to be self-reflective. Discover your inner strengh Live intentionally Know thyself Description The Enlightened Path to Self-Discovery course provides you with an opportunity to embark on a breathtaking and unique journey toward finding your true authentic self. This insightful, practical course delivers …

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