WebdriverIO – Complete Beginner Course 2021

Learn & Implement Webdriver IO with JavaScript from scratch! Build a fully functional Web Test Automation framework.

What you will learn

WebdriverIO Basics

Setup Test Automation Framework

Setup Page Object Model

Optimizing Test Framework

Parallel Test execution & Cross-Browser Testing

Building Beautiful HTML Reports

How to run tests in BrowserStack

How to run tests in Jenkins

Best Test Automation Practices

Common Interview Questions/Answers


JavaScript Web Automation is the future! WebdriverIO is one of the most popular JavaScript test automation frameworks in the industry. It is being used by major companies around the world such Google, Netflix, Microsoft, Mozilla and many more…

WebdriverIO is extremely beginner-friendly, it has huge community support & is actively maintained by the community. Best of all, it is free to use for anyone (startups to enterprise).

This course will take you from the very basics where I will teach you about what WebdriverIO is and how to setup your first test with WebdriverIO, to all the way to teaching how to build a fully functional framework with WebdriverIO. Along the way, I will teach you all the best practices that will put on the path of becoming one of the Top Automation Engineer.

Here’s what we will be covering in this course:

  • JavaScript & HTML/CSS Basics
  • What is WebdriverIO & Why to use it?
  • Setting up your machine for perfect automation experience
  • Installation & Setup
  • Step by step guide on how to write tests
  • Working with different types of elements
  • Learning about how wait commands work
  • How to use assertions & advantages of using them
  • How to debug your tests when it fails
  • Setting up a fully functional framework
  • Page Object Model – What is it & how to set it up?
  • Optimizing your framework
  • Building beautiful reports
  • Running tests in BrowserStack
  • Running tests in Jenkins
  • And much more…

All of the topics are taught with real examples. The course will include exercises & quizzes that will challenge you & allow you to practice what you learned.

This course will get constantly updated so that you no longer have to worry about outdated content.


Course Overview
What is WebdriverIO?
Before You Get Started
Know the Basics
Machine Setup
Node Installation
VS Code Setup
Google Chrome (latest)
WebdriverIO Setup & Installation
Code Access
WebdriverIO Project Setup
WebdriverIO Config Overview
Write Tests
Write & Run first test
Fail test
Sync vs Async mode – Must Watch!
Exercise: About page test
Solution: About page test
Working with Elements
Finding Element ($)
Exercise: Click logo button & assert URL text
Solution (XPath): Click logo button & assert URL text
Find Element & Get Text
Finding Multiple Elements ($$)
Exercise: Write tests for Contact & Blog page
Solution: Write tests for Contact & Blog page
Know your WebdriverIO Commands
WebdriverIO Expect Assertions
Jest/Jasmine Assertions
Pause command
Common Wait commands
waitUntil command
Upload Tests
Simple upload test
Upload on a hidden element (browser.execute)
console.log() & pause()
Debug command
Setup Framework
Setup folder structure & Auto Completion
Babel setup
Page Object Model
What is Page Object Model?
Setup POM for Home page
What is Page Components?
Setup Page Component for Navigation component
Exercise: Setup POM for Contact & Blog pages
Solution: Setup POM for Contact & Blog pages
Optimizing Test Framework
Randomizing test data
Organize Tests
Group tests
Run & exclude selected tests
Parallel & Cross-browser Testing
Setup parallel test execution
Setup Cross-browser testing
Setup Allure Reporter
Customize Allure reports
Add screenshot on failure
BrowserStack Integration
BrowserStack Setup
Integrate BrowserStack with WebdriverIO
Run Tests in BrowserStack
Common Interview Questions
WebdriverIO Questions
Framework Questions
Wrap up
Thank you!
JavaScript Basics
Variables & Data Types – Pt 1
Variables & Data Types – Pt 2
Comparison Operators
Logical Operators
If/Else Conditions
var, let & const
Template Literal
Callback & Promises
Quick HTML and CSS refresher
HTML Overview
CSS Overview
Custom CSS Selectors
How to use XPath?
Identify Selectors

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