Unofficial Udemy Course to create your first Udemy Course…

Unofficial guide to Learn how to create your first Udemy Course and the Marketing Strategy to get your first Students

What you will learn

How to find out what you can teach

How to research and create your curriculum

How to record the course with just a laptop

How to get your first sales and ways to scale


What this Course is All About

Nearly all of us have something that we could teach and pass on. You might think you’re not an expert in your field but you would be surprised how much valuable information you will find that you have already. I’m going to teach you how to discover what course would be best for you to create.

I will then bring you through the process of researching and creating your first curriculum and then how to record the course using nothing more than a laptop. Some simple methods to improve the quality for a small investment if you want to improve the visual quality of your courses.

I’m then going to give you some simple tips to get your first students and how to grow your course enrollments in the simplest ways.

The Best Part?

I am going to show you the methods so that you can build a successful course in a just a day. You don’t need to spend weeks creating your new course. Instead, if you just go into “action mode” you could have the course created in the same amount of time it takes you to watch this course.

What Can I Expect?

If you follow along my guide here you’ll be able to create your own successful courses and over the next 12-24 months, you can create enough courses to make a full time living from Udemy along.



What to Expect
Are you capable of making a course? (Spoiler: YES)
The Idea
Choosing Your Niche
Brainstorming Ideas
Setting up the Course Basics
Creating the Thumbnail
Is a trailer important
Researching for Ideas
Outlining the Sections
Outlining the Lectures
Recording the Course
Not Comfortable on Camera?
Recording the Course without needing to Edit
Uploading Each Section
Creating an Awesome Trailer Simply
Submission and Selling
Submitting Your Course
First Course Student Strategy
Scaling Strategies

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