The Ultimate MySQL Crash Course 2022

Learn MySQL in No Time

What you will learn

Install the easiest tool for starting with MySQL

Grasp the basic concepts of MySQL

How to create databases and how to manage them

Learn all you need to know about constraints and how they work

absorb some advanced parts like joins


In this course you are going to learn everything you need to know to get started with MySQL in probably less than two hours, so you can actually consume this piece of content in one sitting. The course is surly intensively on using the SQL command line inside the PHPmyadmin tool and that’s for teaching you just how SQL works and you can write your queries, not just in the SQL command, but also inside your backend apps and that’s the best way to learn SQL in my opinion. So the course is short, informative, practical, and bite-sized at the same time.

To elaborate we are going to start of course from the basics of some theoretical crucial definitions like database, queries,  tables, columns, and cells to some beginner sections parts like creating dropping and inserting into tables, data types, and operators to intermediate sections constraints primary and foreign keys functions, SQL most known clauses like (Select – Where – Group by – Order by) and alters to a touch of the advanced parts like joins and so much more. if you want to learn the basics of MySQL and start building your applications on the same day, then this course is yours. come on what are you waiting for? 🙂







Installing Xampp

Basics and First Steps

Creating and Dropping Databases

Creating Tables

Dropping Tables

Inserting into Tables

Updating and Deleting

Data Types


Constraints and Functions

Primary Keys

Foreign Keys



Select and Where

Order by

Group by





Inner Joins

Left and Right Joins

Bonus lecture

Bonus lecture

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