Ultimate Crash Course on One True God

Mankind condition in the world is very bad due to existing of believers and disbelievers of God(s).

Approx. 75% people are living in poor condition especially in rural and urban areas of all countries in world without having basic necessities like food to eat, fresh water to drink, enough clothes for wearing, enough house for living, and medicines for treatment of their illness.

Mental health condition of mankind in the world is very bad because there are wars and bomb blasts among the countries so people are suffering with depression, anxiety, emotional traumas, and various other issues and one atomic war in the world once started can destroy the world and kill billions of mankind.

Religious condition of mankind in the world is also very bad because there are many different religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc and there are many differences among these religions in beliefs and actions while it is very awful that mankind of the world couldn’t decide yet about one absolute true religion through their religious books.

Most people also failed in following areas:

  1. Who created this universe?
  2. Which religions are the wrong and cancelled near to Him?
  3. Which religious book is true having 100% words of God?

So I have created this crash course to help and guide the mankind for the God since most people in the world have been fighting since centuries in the name of their religious gods and not yet able to decide it through their religious books and religious leaders.

After going through this crash course:

  • You will certainly know if there is a God or not
  • You will certainly know if there is one God or many gods
  • You will certainly know practical proofs on whether God exists or not
  • You can contribute your role in this world to finish the poverty
  • You can strive for bringing peace in world forever

No doubt that there are already thousands of books, courses, tutorials, articles, social media posts, debates, speeches, etc already on the topic of the God but disbelievers of God demands irrefutable miracles and believers of God fight with books so now it’s time to test, verify, check and testify the existence, name and power of God through nature only.

Through this crash course, mankind from the various religions in world who can use their common sense with open mind and heart will be able to get awareness about the ultimate truth of their lives to find missing piece from their puzzle of heart -> true tranquility, which is most valuable and important for a person.

Further, without deciding about the God, mankind cannot stop wars in the name of gods, cannot finish poverty from the world nor they can establish the peace in world because they couldn’t establish rules of true God from true religion in the world.

It is definitely impossible that the all religions in the world at once are true near the God because they have different beliefs and action so it is impossible that the different religions can guide the mankind according to many gods.

Here comes 100% of What You Need to Know for God

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