The Ubuntu Linux Desktop User Guide

What you will learn


Install Ubuntu Linux in Virtualbox and manage virtual machines


Become proficient navigating Ubuntu desktop interface


Managing files and directories using Ubuntu file manager


Customize Ubuntu desktop interface


Install Desktop and icon themes


Update, upgrade, installing and removing packages


Start applications automatically after login


Setting default applications


File and folder permission, sorting and searching files


Internet and communication using the browser and email client


Understanding ip configuration in Ubuntu


Connecting to the network using WIFI and ethernet


Testing network connectivity (ping, tracerout)


Connecting to remote network share


Securing the computer with firewall (gufw)


User management (adding, removing users)


Storage management (adding and removing disk)


Mounting media


Installing printers and printing documents


Productivity with LibreOffice: learn how to create word documents, spread sheets and presentations


Multimedia: play videos, music and manage your photos


Create periodic backups


Webcam with cheese


Record your desktop


Monitor system resources (cpu, ram, network, storage)


Learn the basics of bash (Linux commands)


Create and run bash scripts


I created this course, so students can learn from the amazing world of Ubuntu Linux. In this course you will learn, not only how to do things using the Graphical Interface, but also the Linux Bash.

You will learn how to install and configure Ubuntu Desktop 21.10. Also you will learn the basics of virtualization with Virtualbox. In addition, you will learn how to perform post-installation task like: connecting to the WIFI network, updating packages, installation drivers. Become familiar with the Ubuntu Gnome interface. Setup default application and startup applications. This course contains a whole section on how to customize the default Ubuntu interface. Learn how to navigate the file system and manage files and directories. Navigate the Web with Firefox and email communication with Thunderbird.

You will gain experience in Linux Networking as there’s a full section dedicated to network communication. Learn how to add storage devices, partition and format using disk app. Manage Users. Perform backup and restore lost data to your hard drive. And learn how to monitor system resources.

Finally, The key to learning Ubuntu and Linux in general is to practice what you learn. I strongly advise you to watch the videos and follow by doing in your computer. Also, take the practice quiz at the end of each section.







Installing Ubuntu In Virtualbox

Download ISO and Create USB Installation Media
Installing Virtualbox in Windows 10
Creating a Virtual Machine in Virtualbox
Installing Ubuntu in Virtualbox
Install Guest Addition Tools and Snapshot

Post Installation Task

Perform an Update and Upgrade of Ubuntu
Ubuntu Update and Upgrade (bash)

The Graphical Interface (Gnome Shell)

A Tour of Ubuntu Graphical Interface (Gnome)
Start Application and Switch Between Application
Working With Workspaces
Setting Default Applications
Starting Application Automatically After Login

Installing Software in Ubuntu

Install a Package Using Software Center
Install Package Using The Bash
Download and Install Debian Packages (chrome)

Desktop Customization

Changing Desktop Wallpaper
Changing The Dash to a Dock
Customizing The Ubuntu Terminal
Changing The Window Color

File Management

A Tour of File Manager
Create, Copy, Move and Delete Files and Directories
List Files and Directories and View Properties


Email Communication With Thunderbird


View and Understand IP Configuration
View IP Configuration Bash
Setting a Static IP Address in Ubuntu
Reset Network Interface and Test Connection
Connect to Remote File Server
Setup a Firewall with Gufw

User Management

Adding a User To The System

Storage Management

Adding a New Disk
Listing File Systems and Mount Points

Backup and Restore Data

Backup and Restore Data

Monitoring System Resources

Monitoring Resources with System Monitor


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