The menopause…for men

Learn about the menopause – and be of help!

What you will learn

Symptoms of the menopause

Actions that can be taken to alleviate the symptoms

Whether – and how – the menopause can be delayed

Why it may NOT be the menopause


This is a course that is aimed at males.

“Overall, men are aware of their partner’s menopausal transition and may influence decisions relating to symptom management. Educational interventions would further benefit men’s awareness of menopause and available treatment options.”

– The MATE survey: men’s perceptions and attitudes towards menopause and their role in partners’ menopausal transition

– 26th October 2019

Even though roughly half the world’s population is female, it often seems that women understand surprisingly little about the menopause – and men understand even less! It would be helpful for guys who have beautifully aging women in their lives to learn a little more of what goes on with menopause. The whole process is uncomfortable, for starters, so a little empathy would be nice.

This course is split into just four sections:

1. The menopause transition

2. When it might not be the menopause

3. Symptoms – shot at night with the darkness representing male clarity on the menopause!)

4. Dealing with the symptoms

Yes some extras too as this is a course so also included are:

5. Menopausal poetry

6. What it’s like to deal with menopausal women (this relies on statements by women)

7. Evaluation of various products to help deal with the symptoms of the menopause (set as homework)

8. delaying the menopause

Remembering that this is a COURSE there is some homework and also in a few lectures you are given a very short test. The overall purpose of this course is to educate – educate men (who know so much less than women) – in order they can try and offer some help in dealing with the symptoms.

Among the (many) symptoms we consider are:

a. Burning tongue

b. Hot flushes

c. Fatigue

d. Vaginal dryness

Among the (many) ways of trying to tackle the symptoms we consider:

a. Seeing a chiropractor

b. Exercise

c. Certain herbs/foods

Potentially the most important section of this course is the Q/A as that is where you put your homework, your suggestions, your feedback, your comments and ideas. Participation is essential – especially as the menopause is different for everyone. Therefore what works well for one person may not work so well for another…




Introduction and the menopause transition

Is it the menopause?

IS it the menopause?

Symptoms – do you know these?

Second introduction
Changes in her period
Hot flashes
Bladder control
Vaginal health and sexuality
Mood changes
A changing body
Burning tongue
Electric shock
Skin crawling
Ringing ears
Body odour

Tackling the symptoms

See a chiro – pt 1
See a chiro – pt 2
See a chiro – pt 3

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