Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

Everything you need to know about setting up partnerships and collaborations

What you will learn

Show the benefits of Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

How to identify areas in your business where strategic partnerships would be beneficial

Understand how to set up Strategic Partnerships

Making more money through Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

Customer acquisition through Strategic Partnerships

Plugging gaps in your business through strategic partnerships

Examples of thriving strategic partnerships

How to identify strategic partners

How to approach strategic partners

How to structure strategic partnerships or collaborations

The Legal aspects – Agreements, Roles, Responsibilities etc

What to do when things are not going as planned

Financials, measuring, monitoring, evaluation success

Exclusivity and no compete elements

Summary – Key features of successful Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

How to use social media or social selling

Working with individuals

Creating efficient partnership ecosystems


Strategic Partnerships can transform your start up or business.

I created this course out of my experiences consulting and working with businesses for over 22 years.

I realised that MOST successful businesses leverage partnerships as a major pillar of their business.

This course helps you see and understand ways to go about setting up strategic partnerships to help grow your business, manage costs, gain market share, raise profiles, increase visibility, consolidate existing sectors, enter into new sectors, increase revenues, access technologies and so on.

We also look at examples of good or well known successful partnerships.

Great and successful strategic partnerships across various sectors do the following.

They ask question such as the below and how can you find such alliances considering:

1). Your offerings

2). Needs as a business

3). Size of your business

4). Core and shared values

5). Goals, objectives and strategy

6). Availability of resources and will

7). The availability and openness of potential partners

There are many different considerations in addition to the above.

If you get strategic partnerships right, you can truly transform your whole business, life and environment. The partnerships should:

– Save time

– Reduce cost

– Grow audience

– Access funding

– Increase revenues

– Customer acquisitions among others

This course explores areas including:

– Why Strategic Partnerships

– Considerations relating to setting up one

– How to find potential partners

– Setting them up, things to watch for

– Measuring success

– Legal and other stuff

– Importance of communication

– When partnerships don’t work

– Examples of successful ones

– Features of good strategic partnerships

I welcome you to this course and feel free to ask me any questions.

Thanks for stopping by.







Before you go about setting one up

Before you go about setting one up

Setting up Partnerships

Setting up Partnerships

Measuring Success

Measuring Success

Legal and Other considerations

Legal and other considerations



When Partnerships don’t work

When Partnerships don’t work

Examples of successful Strategic Partnerships and collaborations

Examples of successful Strategic Partnerships and collaborations

Features and recap of good strategic partnerships

Features and recap of good strategic partnerships

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