Discover your Purpose & Passion

Change your life by discovering your Purpose & Passion

What you will learn

What is Purpose & Passion

Why do you need to discover your Purpose & Passion

How to discover your Purpose & Passion

Discovering what passion/s can make money for you

How to take action to create a life aligned with your Purpose & Passion


This course is carefully crafted to help you discover your purpose and passion. I have spent many years in discovering my purpose & passion and it was a liberating experience when I discovered it. I have put together what I learned in that process in a well-structured program to help you discover your purpose & Passion.

sometimes we feel lost or stuck in life. This could be due to the fact that we do not know our true selves. Take this course if you are looking for answers and experience how your life changes once you have discovered it for yourself

Who is this course for?

  • If you are trying to start a business of your own
  • If you are excited to know what your purpose & passion is
  • If you are stepping in to the corporate world ( so you can select what works for you)
  • If you feel lost in life
  • If you are stuck in any area of life
  • If you are not enjoying your current work
  • If you are fed up with life
  • If you are confused

What results can you expect by taking this course?

  • Get more clarity for your life
  • Find focus and direction for your life
  • Being able to select the type of business venture you should start
  • Being able to select what kind of a job you need to be looking for
  • Being able to take the right career decisions



Introduction to Purpose and Passion
How to use this program

The Discovery

Let’s get started
Instructions for the Questionnaire
Funnelling Down
Discovering your Gifts
Final Selection of Purpose & Passion
Making money from what you love doing
Ending Notes

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