Smart Goal Setting: How to Create The Future You Want Today

Goal Setting & My “Unique” Daily Planner will set you on the path to success and cause you to become a Super Achiever!

What you will learn

Be in control of your own future

Drive your life in the direction you want it to go

Learn how to overcome life obstacles

Learn to achieve more than you thought possible

Discover the purpose for your life

Live a fulfilled satisfied life

Engage with the gifts and abilities

Remove delays and hinderances

Build confidence for now and for the future

Become a super achiever


Great Course – The course contains lot of tools and techniques which will definitely drives towards setting of goal which is single most virtue for successful living. thanks… – Anusha (Student)

It leads you somewhere...Most people just act for the sake of it. That’s wrong. If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t be able to walk that way. Once you know where you’re going you can put all of the necessary effort needed into achieving that goal and THIS COURSE is your perfect companion to do so. Trust Boomy to lead the way and you’ll find your own in a heartbeat.- Max (student)

  ****Updated For 2022**** 


  Have you ever wondered how ordinary people achieve extraordinary results? 

    Can you also join the elite 3% of the society that go from one level of accomplishment to another? Do you think success is only for some people? Can you imagine living the life you really want?  The good news is that you can create the future you want by starting today.  There are some simple rules to follow that will set you on the pathway to the success destination you desire for your life! 

    I have revealed what you need to do in a few easy to follow steps within this Goal Setting and Daily Planning Course! 

  I have structured the course in 3 parts  

  • Part 1 – Details important elements about goal setting with examples

  • Part 2 – Introduces my “Unique” daily planner template

  • Part 3 – Pulls the parts together with the Unique Template to action your goals

    It you want to achieve the success you have always dreamed about; have a better life for you and your family, wake up and be excited every morning because you love what you do and if you want a purposeful life; then this course is for you! 

    In this easy to follow step by step guide I have also included my unique daily planner that will revolutionise your goal setting efforts and turbo charge your desire to succeed. 

    You know there are no short cuts in this course neither is it for those looking for the get rich quick schemes. 

    What I am teaching you are proven techniques that have worked for success achievers from all works of life and I know will work for you if you take action! 

  Highlight include:  

  1. How to write and achieve your life goals

  2. How Goal Setting really works

  3. The secrets to successful goal setting

  4. Goal setting techniques

  5. What can hinder you from actualizing your goals  Using a daily template

    It is time to get on the right path to change your future forever by enrolling on this life-transforming course – now!. This course comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so you start on the winning side from the moment you enroll. 

  Benefits of this course include: 

  • Increasing your financial base

  • Creating the future you want

  • Enjoying an extremely productive & purposeful life

  • You will become much more fulfilled

  • Becoming an all-round super achiever

  • Learn manifesting

    All future update and additions are also free to you. Future price increases will not affect you either. 

  So why delay another minute, why postpone the future you desire. – Enroll Now! 

This course comes Life Time access Plus a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.




WELCOME – To Creating The Future You Want!
Course Summary
Course PDF

You Must Watch Out For:-

#1. Watch Out For Homeostasis – Learn To Override This Tendency!
#2. Watch Out For Goals That Are Too Challenging – Override This Tendency!
#3. Watch Out For Goal Ceiling – Learn To Override This Tendency!
#4. Watch Out For Short Term Results – Learn To Override This Tendency!

Key Steps To Goal Setting!

First 3 Steps to Goal Achievement

Goal Setting Secrets to Promote Radical Change and Achieve Quicker Results

Goals Setting Defined
The True Secret Sauce
What is True “Success”
The Secret Language Of Goal Setting
What You Can Accomplish In a Short Time by Setting Life Goals
7 Vital Areas for Goal Setting
I Need Your Help!

Smart Goals: Setting Achievable Goals

How To Set Financial Goals
Practical Financial Tips
How To Set Personal Development Goals
How To Stay Motivated In Adversity

Goal Promoters!

Owning Your Goals, Diligent Practice & Achievable Steps!

Smart Goal Setting: How To Super Charge Your Goal Setting Efforts

4 Tools To Use
Goal Killers

Goal Setting Worksheet: My “Unique” The Daily Planner Explained

I Need Your Help!
Why I Created The Daily Action Planner!
How To Use The Daily Planner

Goal Planner Template: My Unique Daily Planner!

Parts of The Daily Planner
Test Driving The “Unique” Daily Planner
I Need Your Help!


Conclusive Action

The Template

My Special Daily Planner – Download Now!


Review Your Yesterday Before Planning Your Today!

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