Startup Business: How To Raise Seed Capital

Small Business Loans & Grants: Accelerate Your Startup Finance Efforts.

What you will learn

Apply for Startup finance and get it

Understand how investors think

Accelerate your funding efforts

know to prepare for a funding campaign


Welcome to The Small Business Funding Course!

Where you will learn to raise upto $50,000 effectively.

About Me

Over the past few years I worked as a business adviser helping entrepreneurs raise money as well as having the experience of raising Loans & Grants for many of my own businesses. I have also sat on loan panels, attended loan panel meetings with clients and referred numerous people for funding.

I began my career as small business owner then transitioned to becoming a Business Adviser and University lecturer.I have helped 100’s of people start their own businesses and raise Startup funding.

About The Course

I designed this course to provide the step by step process and principles that will help you raise the funding you need either as a start up or a growing business. I will be teaching you exact methods that I have used to get loans and grant funding repeatedly! . You will use the same practical methods to access the funding you need for your business .

I have included:

  1. A Cashflow Template
  2. Funding Sources
  3. Partnership checklist

Load more to come

About The Course

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Raise the money you need for your business
  2. Know where to get the money you need for your business
  3. Understand the psychology surrounding start up funding

.About You

The ideal student is someone with a business idea looking to raise money for the first time or any small business owner looking for funding to grow their business. There are no other requirements other than an open mind and a willingness to work hard.

I look forward to seeing you inside!




About Me & About The Course
An Important Announcement
Link To Cashflow Forecast Template

8 Foundational Essentials

Be Strategic In Your Approach
Create A Solid High Impact Plan
Simplicity Is The Key
Assemble A Dream Team
Track Record?
Give Your Best
Never Give Up!

Mistakes To Avoid

Be An Early Brird
How Much Do You Need?
Know Your Business Plan Thoroughly

Game Changers!

Start Generating Some Sales!
Social Proof
Letters of Intent
Letters of Intent – Why You Will Get Them
Risk Reduction Strategies

Sources of Funding – Meeting The Bank Manager

Why You Want To Avoid The Credit Score Bureaucracy

Other Sources of Funding

Use Your Manufacturers Terms Instead Of Your Own Money
Personal Savings Grow Organically
Crowd Funding Unveiled
Important Lessons About Grants
How To Raise Money From Family & Friends
A Partner Can Make A Financial Difference
Other Peoples Money – Customers/Clients
Government Funding
Business Angels Financing – Be Prepared To Invest Time & Money

Resources Section

Cashflow Template
Partnership Checklist
Loan and Grants In The USA
Loan and Grants In The UK
Loans in The UK

Bonus Lecture!

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