Science Of Happiness: 3 Simple Tools For More Joy

Learn The Fundamentals Behind Neuroscience And Behaviourism For Life-Long Happiness

What you will learn

Understand The Neuroscience of Habit Installation

Learn The Fundamental Principles Behind Personal Behaviourism And Mental Control

Boost Your Mental Health And Improve Your Cognitive Abilities

Understand How To Set Goals That Drive Rapid Growth

Create A Customized Plan For Owning Your Happiness and Getting Rid Of Anxiety

Find Role Models Who Will Multiply Your Success Exponentially


The happiest people on the planet aren’t born with a giant smile, but they are the ones actively engaged in personal growth.

In this course, we will approach psychology from a different stand point showing the correlation between Personal Psychology and Neurology. The brain, which is the main source that controls our thoughts and behaviors is made out of a combination of Neural Networks, structured over a period of time, linked to past experiences, emotional impacts, repetitive thoughts and aspirations.


  1. Learn To Install Lasting Habits In 66 days
  2. Understand The Fundamentals Behind Happiness, Anxiety Management, and Peak Performance
  3. Control Your Mental Health And Improve Your Cognitive Control System
  4. Understand And Regulate Your Belief Patterns and Behaviour Systems
  5. How To Effortlessly Find People Who Have What You Want So You Can Achieve More In Less Time

If you want to learn how to control your thought patterns better, understand and regulate your behavior according to what you want, this is the right course for you.

If you want to master your Happiness and Anxiety, you’re in the right place, at the right time and you know exactly what to do.

I am a passionate student and teacher of mental-emotional wellbeing, flow, physical energy, and world-class leadership.

I am constantly investing in my personal mastery and professional development. I want to embody my greatest self every day and serve my clients at world-class.

My mission to equip young adults with habits that brings them to elite levels of peace, performance, and prosperity.

My vision for a better world is one where people are in love with growth and contribution without having to worry about trivial matters.



Habit of Happiness
Habit Installation Protocol
Rewire Belief Patterns
Clarify Your Vision
Happy Goals System
Resources For Life
Find Suitable Role Models
Happiness Modelling Framework

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