School-Run Parenting

Course 1: How to stop telling your kids to ‘CALM DOWN!’

What you will learn

Transform your family dynamics by reducing challenging behaviours

Improve your parental mental health

Feel like a better parent because you better understand your kids’ special, additional and emotional needs

Learn a new parenting language – a different way to communicate and interact with your kids

Better understand the needs of your kids (which may be different to your needs as a child)


Join us for the first in a series of workshops on learning a new parenting language.

In this workshop we will cover:

1. Helping you understand why kids with special, additional or higher emotional needs (fizzy kids as we like to call them!) require a different parenting approach.

2. Making you aware of the language you currently use with your kids and asking whether it’s working.

3. Helping you start to re-learn to be the parent your kid needs you to be by learning a new parenting language.

Our transformative parenting approach will improve your parental mental health by getting you back in control of your emotions and helping your kids become more regulated in the meantime. It will transform your family dynamics and gives you something really tangible to do differently with your kids by providing a practical tool that brings together the best of therapeutic, mindful and intentional parenting techniques.

Your child may have a diagnosed special or additional need or they may just be highly sensitive and taking longer to reach emotional maturity. You may have tried different parenting techniques but nothing feels like it is working.

Wherever you are on your parenting journey, you are welcome here. FizzyKids is a supportive and non-judgemental community – we’re just re-learning to be the parents our fizzy kids need us to be one messy step at a time.


Lecture 2: Overview of the course
Lecture 3: Exercise – Noticing your language
Understanding your child
Lecture 4: Challenging behaviours
Lecture 5: Reasons for challenging behaviours
Lecture 6: Exercise – what challenging behaviours are your kids presenting with?
Section 3: Becoming aware of your parenting language
Lecture 7: Exercise – Core scripts
Lecture 8: The impact of your core scripts
Lecture 9: Why aren’t your core scripts working?
Section 4: Learning a new parenting language
Lecture 10: Your new Top 3 core scripts
Lecture 11: In an emergency go to A&E
Lecture 12: Connect before you correct
Lecture 13: The power of silence
Lecture 14: Exercise – what can you do differently on Day 1?
Lecture 15: 5 phrases to kickstart your new parenting language
Lecture 16: Exercise – A phrase for anger
Lecture 17: Exercise – A phrase for rudeness
Lecture 18: Exercise – A phrase for problem-solving
Lecture 19: Exercise – A phrase for defiance
Lecture 20: Exercise – A phrase for screentime
Lecture 21: What language is your body speaking?
Section 5: Conclusion
Lecture 22: Wrap-up

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