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Salesforce ADM-211 is a certification exam for Salesforce Administrators, which means that this course is designed to help learners understand the very true core administrative features of Salesforce and as a result, gain skills to become a certified Salesforce Administrator. In general, it covers topics such as user setup, data management, security and access, mobile configuration, and other administrative features. The exam requires in-depth knowledge and experience with the Salesforce platform and involves completing a series of multiple-choice questions. Moreover, as candidates pass the exam, it will demonstrate an individual’s proficiency in Salesforce administration and help them progress their career.

The Salesforce ADM-211 exam consists of an amount of 60 multiple choice questions and a passing score percentage of 65%.

[1] It is a two-hour long exam and comes with a registration fee of $200 USD and a retake fee of $100 USD.

[2] Learning resources, study guides, detailed documentation and more are available to help prepare for the exam.

[3] Candidates must be experienced Salesforce Administrators and therefore should have successfully completed the Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins (ADM-211) from Salesforce or possess the equivalent experience and knowledge.

Additionally, the Salesforce ADM-211 exam has a duration of 105 minutes.


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