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This preparation course includes a total of 900 questions to make sure you’ll be able to deal with all possibilities and scenarios. The questions are unique with no repetitions.

This simulator includes questions from the newly published PMBOK 7th Edition by PMI as well. Situational and scenario-based questions will form the core of the PMP certification exam. About 70-80% of the total number of questions in the PMP exam will be situational questions, even in its new avatar. Hence, it is very important that you develop your skill of solving these type of questions in the context of the revised syllabus of the PMP Exam by PMI. This question bank (380-Q) is very carefully designed by me to help you achieve that expertise in solving situational and scenario-based questions as per the new syllabus of the PMP exam. 70-80% of the questions in this simulator are situational type…exactly the same as you would experience in your actual PMP exam. The rest 20-30% covers the other important areas of the new PMP exam such as Servant Leadership, Personality Indicators, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Disciplined Agile, Measurement of Training Outcomes, Project Compliance etc.

I reiterate the importance of taking this quiz and analyzing the answer and explanations thoroughly before you move on Practice Test-2 which consist of higher level of difficulty, actual PMP style questions.

How to make the best use of this simulator – ANALYSIS is the KEY:

With the new PMP Exam Syllabus, you may need to study quite a few new topics such as Servant Leadership, Personality Indicators, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Agile/Hybrid/Predictive, Measurement of Training Outcomes, Project Compliance etc. Use the books recommended by PMI to build your capability on these topics. Google the new terms as well for quick learning.

The passing score for this simulator is 75%. But you need to know that you should not get demotivated if you score less. DO NOT take the score of this simulator as a representation of your actual PMP exam. Instead, take it as an opportunity to understand your knowledge gap and work on your weak areas. I would suggest that after this 230 mins simulation, you should spend at least 10 hours analyzing each & every question. If you have got a question wrong, check the following things:

  • In which domain I am making the most mistakes?
  • Did I answer a question incorrectly because I did not know the concept or the application of the concept?
  • Are there any repeat mistakes I am making?
  • If a question took >5 mins to solve, was there a way to solve it faster?
  • Am I making any careless mistakes?
  • Is there a common trend of incorrect answers? Eg. Am I getting more situational-type questions wrong?
  • Why are you taking these practice exams?
    1. You can retake the exams as many times as you want
    2. This is a huge original question bank
    3. You get support from instructors if you have questions
  • What you will get?
  • Fresh and updated material
  • Questions and Answers in Practice Mode
  • Lifetime free updates
  • The objective of this Test :
    – Get certified in Project Management Professional (PMP)
    – Take a general view of Project Management Professional (PMP) .
    – It can be used as a Pre-Assessment in order to identify the areas where you need to focus on learning.
    – Test yourself on multiple exams to make it from your first attempt.

-Take multiple exams to ensure that you would pass your first time.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Guide :

  • Total Questions: 180
  • Passing Score: 75
  • Time: 230 minutes

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