Rhythm Studies Basics (western music)

Solid & thorough understanding about basic concepts of rhythm.

What you will learn

Very easy method to learn rhythm

Clapping and counting technique

Very effective when learnt before any drum lessons or music lessons for further advancements

Learn to read notated rhythms

All necessary information a beginner musician should know.

Music theory


In this course, we are going to learn the basic concepts of rhythm with an easy method which uses technique of clapping and counting .The course has been divided into three categories namely,

  • Explanations
  • Exercises
  • Songs

The explanation section covers the theoritical and notation related portion of the rhythmic studies.

The Exercises section contains simple short patterns with notations( both as downloadable pdf and within video) which are meant  to listen, play and eventually understand the concept.

The songs section is for understanding some commonly used time signatures with counting techniques

This unique course on rhythm studies can be made useful by anyone from absolute beginners, some one of no musical background to any one who wants to refresh their basic rhythmic lessons with very simple clapping and counting lessons. We start with explanations of various topics, learn the concepts of basic counting skills, and eventually conclude the lessons with some of the commonly used time signatures.The course is very effective when learnt before any drum lessons or music lessons for further advancements in the future musical education and exploration. Nowadays music lessons are very expensive, also  many people have time constriction in taking a live class .If you can do self study through well organized lecture videos along with doubt clearance with the tutor, it can save a lot of time and money for you and it is a very effective learning method too.

This  course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the basic concepts of rhythm , especially beginner and self taugt drummers and musicians.



Basics of Rhythm Studies (western music)
Definition about music
Introduction to Rhythm
From Semibreve to Semiquaver
Four repeats
Ascending and Descending Order
Beat, Time Signature and Tempo
Dotted Notes, Accented Notes, Ghost Notes
15 Basic Crotchet Rhythms
Some Commonly Used Time Signatures

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