Redox reactions and oxidation numbers

Critical course on Redox reactions, oxidation numbers and oxidizing & reducing agents. Learn to Balance redox reactions.

What you will learn

Redox reactions

Balancing redox reactions

Oxidation numbers

You will have a deeper understanding of all the terms and concepts related to Redox reactions and oxidation numbers


This course on redox reactions gives a detailed understanding of various chemical reactions and which of them can be classified as redox reactions. It gives a clear understanding of various terms that are necessary to understand the concepts. The course is backed with quizzes and assignments to strengthen the concepts and gain mastery in the topic.





Redox reactions

Definition of Redox reaction based on oxygen changes
Definition of Redox reaction based on hydrogen changes
Definition of Redox reactions based on electron changes
Oxidising and reducing agents
Undestanding Redox Reactions

Oxidation numbers

Introduction to oxidation numbers
Rules to assign oxidation numbers

Redox reactions and change in Oxidation numbers

Recognizing reactions based on Oxidation Numbers
Practical examples

Balancing half reactions of Redox reactions

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5
Oxidation numbers and assigning them

Assignment and practice session

Solution to the assignment

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