Financial Data Analysis using Power BI

Develop a Complete Financial Analysis Dashboard With the Help of Power BI

What you will learn

• Learn the about importance of Power BI Financial Analyst

• Learn about the resources of Power BI Financial Analyst

• Learn about the analyzing sales like calculation and Matrix Formatting

• Learn about the visualization like visualize sales trend and Adding slicers

• Learn about how to prepare P&L like calculate profits, KPI for visualization and Data Slicers

• Analyze the P&L as charts for P&L, Comparison for P&L and Analyze

• Learn about the whole procedure of Power BI Financial Analytics from installing to Comparison Data with the steps

• Learn about the Power BI and why Power BI is important

• Learn how to compare Power BI with the MS Excel

• Learn about how to work on the Power BI

• And much more…


Comprehensive Course Description:

Have you ever wanted to build a simple, easy and efficient Power BI for your business?

Do you need an efficient instructor for your education?

You might have searched for many relevant courses, but this course is different!

This course is a complete package for beginners to learn the basics of Power BI with the complete knowledge from installing to visualization. Every module has engaging content covering necessary theoretical concepts with a complete practical approach used along with brief theoretical concepts.

We will be starting with the installation of the Power BI, after providing you with the basic knowledge of Power BI. You will be able to learn about the important fundamental concepts of Power BI which are the basic building blocks of it.

This complete package will enable you to learn the basics to advance mechanism of Power BI by using the basic knowledge of Power BI and evaluate data by using the different operations on the datasets. We’ll be use Power BI in this course, which is beneficial nowadays if we talk about the implementation of operation on data and representation of data.

This comprehensive course will be your guide to learning how to use the Power BI to evaluate your datasets. We’ll learn all the basic and necessary concepts for developing Power BI.

This course is designed for both beginners with some programming experience and those who know nothing about Data Analysis, Power BI , Data Representation.

Why Should You Enroll in This Course?

The course is crafted to help you understand not only the role and impact of Power BI industry in real world applications but it provides a very unique hands on experience on developing complete Power BI for your customized dataset by using various projects. This straightforward learning by doing course will help you in mastering the concepts and methodology with regards to how to evaluate data.

This course is:

· Easy to understand.

· Expressive and self-explanatory

· To the point

· Much practical and less theoretical

Teaching Is Our Passion:

We focus on creating online tutorials that encourage learning by doing. Our aim is to provide you with more than a superficial look at practical approach towards Power BI using the representation of data and data evaluation. We have worked extra hard to ensure you understand the concepts clearly. We want you to have a sound understanding of the basics before you move onward to the more complex concepts. The course materials that make certain you accomplish all this include high-quality video content, course notes, meaningful course materials, handouts. You can also get in touch with our friendly team in case of any queries.

Course Content:

We’ll teach you how to Install Power BI and its using, how to use Analysis used in Power BI! Here are just a few of the topics that we will be learning:

1. Course Overview

2. Overview of Power BI

▪ Brief overview of Power BI

▪ Need of Power BI

▪ Comparison of Power BI and Excel

▪ Rule based vs Self Learning Power BI

▪ Working Mechanism of Power BI

▪ Installation and the working of Power BI and Different settings

3. Sales Calculation, Analyzing Sales and Visualizing trends

▪ Understanding data and usage of GL

▪ Developing data, calculating sales and Matrix formatting

▪ Analysis data quarterly and monthly

▪ Visualizing data, Charts and Data Slicer

4. P&L Preparation, Visualizations and Charts and Data Analysis

§ Gross Profit, EBITDA and Net profit by Power BI

§ Visualize the data by using the cards, numbers and data slicer

§ Add data by adding charts

§ Analysis of data by the charts analysis and by analyzing the results

Enroll in the course and become a Power BI expert today!

After completing this course successfully, you will be able to:

· Relate the concepts and theories for chatbots in various domains

· Understand, implement operations and evaluate the data by using Power BI

Who this course is for:

· People who want to advance their skills in Power BI

· People who want to become a master of data analysis

· People who want to apply the operations on the dataset

· People who want to use Power BI to enhance the knowledge

· Research Scholars

· Data Scientists




Module Introduction
AI Sciences
Course Outline
Case Study
Links for the Course’s Materials and Codes

Power BI Desktop

Links for the Course’s Materials and Codes
Module Introduction
Power BI Introduction
Excel vs PowerBI
Resources and Ribbon
Report View Tabs

Analyzing Sales

Links for the Course’s Materials and Codes
Understanding Data
Data in Power BI
Date Format
Sales Calculation
Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly Analysis
Visualizing With Charts
Country Representation With Slicers

Preparing and Analyzing P&L

Gross Profit

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