Physiological changes during pregnancy and antenatal care

Pregnancy : Antenatal care and physiological changes during pregnancy

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Pregnancy and its physiological changes, antenatal care


In this section we are going to discuss about the pregnancy and its importance. We are going to discuss physiological changes during pregnancy cardiovascular changes during pregnancy and musculocutaneous changes during pregnancy gastrointestinal changes central nervous system changes skin changes like  skin nevi also breast changes are discussed here. We are going to discuss signs and symptoms of 1st semester 2nd trimester and third trimester. Menstrual age or gestational age, and how to estimate the estimated date of delivery by different methods like nagglers and modified nagglers.formula. estimated delivery date based on scans irregular menstrual cycle. Classification of neonatal babies based on weight and gestation age. Day definition of preterm post term, term babies. And discussion on antenatal visits number of visits required during pregnancy both maximum and minimum according to w h o and also in India and time period of the dental visits during pregnancy.drugs like folic acid and iron supplementation during pregnancy folic acid daily intake of iron folic acid for prophylactic and therapeutic doses during pregnancy and daily intake of calcium during pregnancy and also in lactation and daily requirement of the iodine during pregnancy. Anniversary line to discuss the vaccines that are indicated during pregnancy and also we are going to discuss about the vaccines which are going to be given while travelling to endemic areas.and we’re going to discuss the weight gain during the first trimester second trimester and third trimester and also we are going to discuss about the weight gain in normal pregnant women and obese pregnant women and also in underweight women.



Physiological changes during pregnancy
Physiological changes during pregnancy2
Physiological changes during pregnancy3
Antenatal care 1
Antenatal care2

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