PART 1: First virtual TANOM Fundraiser – Ministry work 2021

Learn all about To All nations Outrech Ministries work 2021

What you will learn

Get to know how To All Nations Outreach Ministries (TANOM) is serving in Uruguay

Get to know the different strategies they are develouping in Uruguay in connecting and transforming the community

Get to know the different projects TANOM is fundrasing for

Get to know where you can be praying/donating/joining for our ministry


PART 1: First virtual TANOM Fundraiser – Ministry work 2021

This is “TANOM” First Virtual Fundraiser it has the goal to share what is TANOM all about. What it does? Vission? Mission? and more questions will be answered!!! Our goal as TANOM is to be able to grow and expand our borders to be able to reach all nations one day. Even if we reached that day today we will always look and strive to always be as transparent in our deeds. So that we can be of testimony to you in front of our God.

TANOM has many teams but today together with our Eagles Sport Leadership School team we decided to create our first virtual Fundraiser as a way to expose to our supporters an update of what is happening and share the stroy that has been behind TANOM since it has begun. Aswell as to expose to new potential future followers who by getting to know us they would be able to connect with us, pray for our ministry, support 1 or more projects or even perhaps God uses this fundraiser to call people to be part of our work in TANOM.

Its very important for us that this foundraiser can be of a blessing for our listeners and as an opportunity to also give some of the wisdom we have been received from our God in time of misnitry.

We decided to launch this fundraiser as well on the 8th of October as well as a memorial of Siegfried Klassen passing in 2018 it also one of the reasons why we decided to include him and his missionary story with his family in our first virtual course of “Eagles Wings Leadership School ” (EWLS) for a way to connect our missions and generosity course to a real life missionary experience, also, mention that he was the founder of TANOM Canada with a Vision that God had shown to him to carry out until the END of his life came.

In this “PART 1: First virtual TANOM Fundraiser” We are looking to oversee the work that is beeing done by our missionaries in Uruguay and give you an opening to understand the work that is beeing done. Our goal is to open the eyes of all listeners to see were they can be praying for us, were they can be generous and donate to our projects that we are fundraising for. Some projects or in a continum aspect month to month, as covering the campus base and the salaries of our missionaries to continue one the work as you will see in this FREE SECTION just prepared for you. Other projects or one time money rising for specific areas that are needing to be develouped. Also as you get to know more about us you probably can get to know how we work and GOD shows you that you need to come down and be part in this work and do a short term missions trip in Uruguay or even see the possibilities of doing any of this work in your country we are open to connect and see how we can help you in this area.

This is a great opportunity for us in shareing quality content about TANOM and also give an opportunity to our audience; as they bless us by suscribing to our courses, they get an opportunity to be blessed with the content in our courses. Its a win win situation where you have the opportunity to receive something out of supporting a Canadian charity such it is To All Nations Outreach Ministries (TANOM). In this fundraiser, as this, FIRST PART IS FREE to give you the opportunity to get to know us and see what we are all about. In the next two parts you will find it has a cost as it has valuable and extended content where we share more about History of the misnistry with Interviews, and lastly the third part is a Course on Missions and generosity develouped by our EWLS.


Also it gives us the opportunity to express to you how the money recolected and invested from you through this fundraiser in course enrollments will be directly forwarded to cover 2 important and constant monthly projects that are listed in our fundraiser. But its always good to share about it they are: First is the salary of our missionaries in Uruguay and secondly the maintanance fee of out base in Uruguay.

Through this PART 1 of the fundraiser we are looking to share:


– What TANOM is doing in 2021.

– Get to know TANOM strategies.

– Get to know the diferent projects its looking for to raise funds for.



Welcome to TANOM First Fundraiser 2021 (Part 1 of Fundraiser)
Introduction to our first virtual Fundraiser 2021 PART 1
Introduction to host of Fundraiser
Introduction to Steven Klassen
Presentation Video family and ministry
Personal testimony of Steven
Part 1 of Fundraiser – What is To All Nations doing in 2021
How is To All Nations formed
Eagles Wings Campus
Eagles Wings campus (Project video by Siegfried Klassen)
Eagles Sport To All nations
Eagles Sport ministry presentation video
The World Needs a Father Uruguay
Pastoral Care
Eagles Wings Leadership School
Last Words – Encouragemnet
To All Nations Projects to support (Prayer, Resources, and man power)
Introduction to projects and how the fundraiser will work as in raising funds
To All Nations actual Missionaries support
Eagles Wings Campus Monthly Fees.
2 Eagles Wings Campus Maintnece Equipment Projects
Eagles Wings Campus Ampliation projects
Land scaping land for Future new grass soccer fields and game areas
Sponsor a Soccer Academy for a year expenses
Dream project build a synthetic grass soccer Field
Last words of project
Conclusion of Fundraiser 2021: PART 1
Fund recolection proccess
How to keep in contact later the fundraiser
Different ways to donate
Final Words Part 1: Ministry work and projects
Final words and prayer

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