Oxford Diploma : Frail to fit in 50 lectures!

From fat to fit at 50!

What you will learn

How to prevent frailty as they age

How to go from fat to fit

The science behind frailty

Various exercise routines to lose weight

The motivation and method behind going from fat to fit – from a world champion


This course is really two courses in one – plus some routines and tips ‘n’ tricks.

Course 1:

From frail to fit in 50 lectures

This course goes through the various factors that are likely to lead to frailty as you age and then into detail as to how to avoid becoming frail. The course looks at the evidence-based reasons for frailty and the evidence-based remedies. Many studies are references but there are also various fitness routines included.

Course 2

From fat to fit at 50!

This second course is a prolonged interview with Chris Zaremba, author of the book ‘Fat to Fit at Fifty’. Chris was very overweight. He not only lost weight but became a world champion in Fitness Modelling and Muscle Modelling. (Note: For his age range!)

Through the interview – and with further research – we end up with a blue print for others to follow that will enable them too to lose weight, become super-healthy and enjoy life.

As Chris says: “At 50, I was obese, pre-diabetic and with high blood lipids (bad cholesterol), hypertension and pretty much no aerobic capacity. Today, my blood pressure and all other measurements are (according to the doc) typical for a healthy 30-35 year old.



There is an extra section. 30 days of routines and tips ‘n’ tricks to help you in your healthy ageing journey.

Who is this course for?

Everyone – whatever your age. All of us are getting older. Therefore all of us – if we do not pay attention to how we live – risk becoming frail. Maybe not for some years but why wait to take steps to prevent frailty?

If not frail, there is every chance that instead you’ll become obese. Why not learn from someone who has ‘been there’ and since has his own TV channel, a range of awards, and is much in demand for training internationally?

Two Instructors

Chris S : Fitness qualification to run exercise classes for the elderly; recovered from stroke through an emphasis on fitness; experienced Udemy Instructor. (Frail to fit.)

Chris Z : Numerous fitness qualifications; Personal Trainer; experienced fitness competition-winner. (Fat to fit)

REMEMBER: By its very nature, this course is in a constant state of update. Taking the 30-days of routines for example: these are being created in June i.e. right now so follow at one per day, do not expect to see all at once.

This is a course to be taken slowly with huge thought and consideration.



The Oxford Diploma

All about the Oxford Diploma

From frailty to fitness in 50 lectures

An ageing population
Ageing variations
Two separate conditions (Part 1)
Two separate conditions (Part 2)
Functional capacity (Part 1)
Functional capacity (Part 2)
Functional autonomy (Part 1)
Functional autonomy (Part 2)
Functional autonomy (Part 3)
Functional autonomy (Part 4)
Intrinsic capacity and the environment (Part 1)
Intrinsic capacity and the environment (Part 2)
Intrinsic capacity and the environment (Part 3)
Intrinsic capacity and the environment (Part 4)
Intrinsic capacity and the environment (Part 5)
The frailty phenotype
Oxidative stress returns (Part 1)
Oxidative stress returns (Part 2)
Oxidative stress returns (Part 3)
Structured physical activity
Pathophysiology of frailty (Part 1)
Pathophysiology of frailty (Part 2)
Skeletal muscle (Part 1)
Skeletal muscle (Part 2)
Skeletal muscle (Part 3)
Skeletal muscle (Part 4)
Lean muscle mass (Part 1)
Lean muscle mass (Part 2)
Anabolic resistance (Part 1)
Anabolic resistance (Part 2)
Anabolic resistance (Part 3)
Anabolic resistance (Part 4)

From fat to fit at 50! – the before…

The before – pt 1
The before – pt 2
The before – pt 3

From fat to fit at 50! …The book

The book – pt 1
The book – pt 2
The book – pt 3
The book – pt 4
The book – pt 5
The book – pt 6

From fat to fit at 50! …The journey to fitness

The journey to fitness – 1
The journey to fitness – pt 2
The journey to fitness – pt 3
The journey to fitness – pt 4

From fat to fit at 50! …Questions remaining

Questions remaining – pt 1
Questions remaining – pt 2
Questions remaining – pt 3
Questions remaining – pt 4
Questions remaining – pt 5
Questions remaining – pt 6

30-days of routines

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6 (Part 1)
Day 6 (Part 2)
Day 6 (Part 3)

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