Master Class: Complete Ichimoku strategies to Multiply asset

Master Class: Complete Ichimoku strategies to Multiply asset
Level 5. Learning Stock Trading and Investing Strategies. Using Ichimoku Automation alert system to monitor trend.

What you will learn

How to define Golden trend

How to define a sideway

Define momentum of market

Understading Line theories, Wave theories, Time theories

When market will have long trend/short trend

A map to do Fundamental analyzation

Two main factors for macro-economy

Money Flow of Financial market

Finding the trending industry

Using 4M method to read a company info

A map to investing LOW CAP COIN

Money Flow of Crypto market

How to find a “ Pump machine” for low cap coin

Estimate the price target

Step by step to trade with automation alert system – For busy people

The case you should skip trading

A power method to control Risk


Ichimoku – “one look,” meaning traders only have to take one look at the chart to determine momentum, support, and resistance.

But, Use it as traditional method is too complicated and headache. So, I will guide you a method to learn Line theory, Time theory and Wave theory faster and more effective with the support from Automation system.

Just pause a several minutes to quick refer course content as below, you will see the diffirence.

I will guide you how to use Ichimoku Automation Alert system to mange up to 100 assets at the same time. The signal will be sent to your smart phone whenever a trend appear on the chart.
You don’t need to monitor the chart all the time and control psychology better.

You will know how to analyze Fundamental analyzation on Stock and Crypto market.
Knowing how to choose the potential projects to multiple your capital with Low cap coin.

If you’re busy trader or part time trader, you can use Ichimoku Automation Alert system to trade as the last section with detail examples on any market.

The current Strategies in this course are:

  • Ichimoku with DCA                   – Invest Stock/Crypto
  • Small base trading strategy – Trading Crypto and Forex
  • Big base trading strategy       – Trading on any assets

You will also receive a permission to use Automation trading alert system to follow this strategy.


You will also get my support on QA or Discussion part anytime, I always willing to reply any your concern when you’re practicing and investing.

Furthermore, you get plenty of insight that will help you reduce risk and increase your level of success.

My learning school was designed from level 0 – 5 with full knowledge about market :
(You can see the level at the subtitles)
Level 0 : Multiple timeframe theory, connect from zone to zone.
– Level 1 : Complete Key level strategy, drawing key level exactly.
– Level 2 : Complete Smart Money Concepts, understanding the real market picture with manipulation
– Level 3 : How to combine Key level and smart money concepts with market cycle theory and Volume.
– Level 4 : Using Key level and smart money for day trading, build the road to be success trader, update market structure.
– Level 5 : For investing trader, Using Ichimoku to multiple assets and using Golden trend indicator to manage 100 assets.

Please take a look at the course outline, and see you in the course!

Market is preparing to a new chance to double, triple and multiple your assets many many times if you had enough knowledge.
So, let’s study harder from today. Prepare for your life seriously now or never.

If you’re SERIOUS TRADER / INVESTOR who are ready to be DIFFIRENT this year. Let’s come with us.



What will you learn on the course
How to get the Ichimoku automation alert indicator before learning

Why Ichimoku is the best tool to invest and trading while you’re busy

The advantage of Ichimoku strategy
The suitable assets and timeframe with this strategy

The core factor of Ichimoku – Line theories

The core things must know about Ichimoku

Define trend with Ichimoku – Line theories

Ichimoku status – Sideway
Ichimoku status – Golden Trend
Signal that market changed the trend
Define momentum by Ichimoku zone

Investing with DCA strategy – Wave theories

What is DCA strategy
What is the Pulse wave for new trend
Kumo bounce – Core factor to define a long trend – big profit
4.4. Step by Step to find a chance to invest – Mindset and theories

Using Alert system with Ichimoku – Time theories

What is time theories
Automation system with alert function
Send alert to Email_Teleggram channel

Investing examples – Stock – Technical analyzation only

How to invest TESLA stock detail _ part 1
How to invest TESLA stock detail _ part 2
GOOGLE stock example
AMD stock example

Extra section for beginer : Cornerstone for stock Fundamental analysis

The filer system for stock fundamental analysis
The 2 main factors to analyze with macro economy
Financial Money Flow must know
The method to know the trending industry
The 4M methods to understand a company

Extra section : Conerstone for Crypto Fundamental analysis – Low cap coin

The Crypto investment mindset – Risk and expectation
The filter system for Low cap coin investment
The Money Flow of crypto
How to filer the hidden gems – Pump machine
The development patterns of low cap coins
How to calulate the target price for Low cap coin
Re-balancing to optimize profit

Short investment on Bitcoin and top coin

Step by step to do a short investment with Top coins
Define risky zone and control risk management
Top coin investment – Correlation cofficient

Swing strategy for busy people – Small base

The first step to trade – Signal and multiple timeframe
The case you have to skip trading with Ichimoku
The power and easily method to control risk management
Example – Swing trade on XAUUSD
Example – Swing trade on Bitcoin
Example – Swing trade on Forex

Swing strategy for busy people – Big base

The step by step to trade with bigger Base
Example – Big base strategy with USD Index
Example – Big base strategy with Google stock
Example – Big base strategy with Etherium

Assignment for student after the course – PRACTICE

Thank you and how to practice effectively

Thank you and how to practice effectively

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