For Ukraine

About Ukraine…for Ukraine

What you will learn

The importance of humanitarian aid

How truth is lost in the war in Ukraine

How everyone can help – everyone!

How just enrolling in this course helps!

Different ways people worldwide can help


All the revenue received by me (the Instructor!) from sales of this course will go to help those in Ukraine/fleeing from Ukraine. Not ‘profit’ but REVENUE. The Videographer/Videoeditor has waived all fees too.

This course is about the war in Ukraine. It is divided into five main sections:

  • Relevance – each lecture explains how this course is RELEVANT to you if you study….(range of subjects)
  • Truth – we look at how ‘truth’ has suffered in this war
  • Action – this section details a) what I am doing b) what YOU can do and c) how just buying this course will help those in Ukraine
  • The end – we examine various scenarios that might happen to end the war
  • P.P.S. – this section is an add-on where I have updated some of the previous information

So, who is this course for?

1. Of course – it is for Ukraine! i.e. for anyone who wishes to help those in Ukraine


2. It will be useful for those studying Business/Economics/Grief/Art Therapy/Leadership/Stress

3. It will be useful for those looking to improve their English as this is very much about current events

4. Just by buying this course you HELP – but what if you GIFT this course to others…there are benefits in helping others…




Relevance – Business
Relevance – Leadership
Relevance – Art Therapy
Relevance – Economics
Relevance – Grief and Healing
Relevance – Stress

The Truth

The Truth – pt 1
The Truth – pt 2
The Truth – pt 3
The Truth – pt 4


Action – part 1
Action – pt 2
Action – pt 3

The End (5 ways)

The end – part 1
The end – part 2
The end – part 3


P.P.S. – part 1
P.P.S. – pt 2
P.P.S. – pt 3
P.P.S. – pt 4
P.P.S. – pt 5
P.P.S. – pt 6

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