NEW: How to use OpenInsider the right way to discover and follow the legal insider trades for max profits with min risk

What you will learn

Understand the correct way to harness the power of OpenInsider

Learn about legal insider trading and how to interpret it

How to time your trades for minimum risk and maximum gain using simple charts

Know the key to successful trading for consistent profits


OpenInsider is a complete trading course that utilizes two free tools that are all you need to trade profitably: OpenInsider and StockCharts.

This is not a course for people who want to get into unnecessarily complex charts so they can sound cool or clever to their friends…

It’s for people who want to profit from trading in the easiest and fastest way possible…

The way the TRUE insiders do.

Regardless of what some unscrupulous people may tell you, nobody but NOBODY knows for sure what will happen to any given stock price.


The closest thing to knowing what will happen to a stock is inside the boardroom of a publicly traded company.

The officers of a company are allowed to buy their own stock as long as they declare as much, and OpenInsider- if used correctly- is a great way to see who’s buying their own stock.

But it’s not as simple as blindly copying insiders, and here’s why:

1)   There are insider trades and insider trades. You need to filter out the trades that are really worth paying attention to.

2) Insiders are not traders, and sometimes they buy stocks in a way to purely cover their tracks, so we have to time the trade just right to ensure minimum risk with maximum upside.

This concise and super-simple OpenInsider course will walk you through the whole process, assuming zero trading experience, and show you the correct way to use OpenInsider as well as how to trade, period.

From a CPD-accredited instructor with over twenty years of trading experience, who has founded multiple proprietary trading systems that are proven for decades.



Getting Set Up to Trade

The Name of the Game
Types of Insiders

Let’s Trade!

How to Use OpenInsider
The Big Question
Timing Your Trade
Bonus Lecture: 10 Point Cheat Sheet

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