No Nonsense Python: learn Python basics and start coding

Because nobody becomes an expert developer by taking a 30 hour course.

What you will learn

Python fundamentals. Everything you need to know to get started and nothing you don’t!


The reason I made this course is simple. When I was learning Python, I would join courses that spent hours covering the most simple of topics and went far too in depth about niche features of Python I would probably not be using for a while.

Python is so well documented that if you know the basics, you can find out how to do the advanced things really easily.

So this course aims to give you a really good grounding in the basics of Python and will intentionally leave out the bits you’re not going to use very often / ever.

We will cover:

  • Creating & interacting with variables
  • Using arithmetic functions
  • Using comparison operators
  • String functions
  • Creating & interacting with lists, tuples and dictionaries
  • If statements
  • For & while loops
  • Functions


Our Python Environment
Core concepts
The theory of variables
Getting to grips with variables
Arithmetic and comparison operators
Variable reassignment & arithmetic with variables
Creating and interacting with lists
Getting started with tuples
Using dictionaries to drive your program
Commenting your code
Adding some logic!
The theory of if statements
If, then, else statements
EXERCISE: If statements
SOLUTION: If statements
The theory of loops
Dive into while loops
EXERCISE: while loops
SOLUTION: while loops
Getting to grips with for loops
EXERCISE: for loops
SOLUTION: for loops
Code structure & indentation
String Functions
The theory of functions
Creating our first function
What next?
Resources to continue your learning
What do I do now?

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