“Neonatology – The Life of a Newborn Baby

Neonatology contents: neonatology definition, characteristics features of preterm, reflexes special conditions , etc.

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In this lecture, we are going to discuss neonatology, contents: important terminology regarding newborn, neonatal period, live birth, fetal death, characteristic features of preterm babies, primitive neonatal reflexes: Moro reflex, components, and its sequence, various conditions like absent, exaggerated, persistent, asymmetric Moros conditions rooting reflex, palmar grasp, asymmetric tonic neck reflex, neonatal resuscitation, the golden time for neonatal resuscitation, kangaroo mother care and its benefits, neonatal sepsis, sepsis criteria, and management of this condition. Neonatal hypothermia, cold stress, neonatal hypoglycemia, infant of diabetic mother and problems faced by them, meconium aspiration Syndrome, neonatal jaundice, types of neonatal jaundice, physiological jaundice, pathological jaundice, signs, and symptoms of jaundice, treatment of neonatal jaundice. Hyaline membrane disease, characteristics x-ray finding? Special conditions that do not need any medical treatment are Epstein pearl, Millia, Mongolian blue spots, erythema toxicum neonatarum physiological hymen tags, necrotizing entero colitis, the triad of its staging name of it .low birth weight, very low birth weight, extremely low birth weight, preterm, term, post-term babies, small for gestation age, appropriate for gestation age, large for gestation age, kangaroo components: kangaroo NUTRITION, kangaroo position, kangaroo care, caregiving to the newborn after delivery steps, exclusive breastfeeding, the role of vitamin k in hemorrhagic diseases of newborn characteristic features of x-ray in hyaline membrane disease and meconium aspiration Syndrome .these are entire topics regarding neonatology concepts for pediatrics students.



Introduction to Neonatalogy
Characteristics of preterm babies, primitive neonatal reflexes
Kangaroo mother care
Neonatal hypoglycemia, hypothermia, hyaline membrane diseases etc
Apgar score, neonatal jaundice, necrotising entero collitis

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