Microsoft Power BI 2022: The Complete Guide

A comprehensive guide on how to master Power BI. Take a hands-on approach with a Formula One Course Project.

What you will learn

Develop a business intelligence solution end to end

Create interactive and visually rich Reports

Understand how Power BI Service enables collaboration

Work with a range of data sources and become an expert at Loading and Transforming data from multiple sources

Understand Data Modelling in Power BI

Understand Reporting Best Practice

Create multiple visualizations

How to master Power BI for your real world projects!


Learn one of the most in demand business intelligence tool in the world and master the most important concepts in the Power BI Ecosystem.

Power BI is an essential tool for anyone working with Data!

This course is hands-on and you will LEARN BY DOING!


We will be using a really cool Formula One Dataset to create an interactive report with some amazing visualizations.

  • We will connect to various data sources including csv, excel, JSON and more.
  • We will perform extensive data transformations to make our data ready for reporting.
  • We will use relationships and data modelling methodologies to create an effective data model.
  • We will explore all kinds of visualisations from Column Charts, Scatter Charts, Maps, Tooltips and more.
  • We will use Visual Elements like action icons and buttons to navigate between pages in your report.
  • We will explore the capabilities of Power BI Pro and how it can enable you to collaborate within your Organization
  • We will use Data Analysis Expressions to add insight and analysis to our Power BI Report

By the end of the Formula One Analysis Project you will gain extensive skills and have experience of developing a business intelligence solution end to end.

You should gain more than enough experience to add value to your real world projects!


This course can be split into 5 key areas:

Loading and Transforming Data

  • Connecting to data sources in Power BI
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Transforming Columns in your Query
  • Adding Columns to your Query
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Duplicating vs Referencing your Query
  • Transposing your data
  • Grouping and summarising your data
  • Pivoting and Unpivoting your data

Data Modelling

  • Table Relationships
  • One to Many, One to One and Many to Many Cardinality
  • Autodetect
  • “Active” vs “Inactive” Relationships
  • STAR and SNOWFLAKE Modelling Approaches
  • Dimensions and Fact Tables
  • Joining Tables with the Merge Operation

Visualizations and Charts

  • Visualization and Report Basics
  • Tables and Pivot Tables
  • Matrix Visuals
  • Bar and Column Charts
  • Line and Area Charts
  • Combo Charts
  • Scatter Charts
  • Treemap Charts
  • Cards
  • Data Categories and Geographical Charts
  • Tooltips
  • Interactions between Visuals
  • Filters and Slicers
  • Adding small multiples
  • Visual Elements
  • Report Design Best Practice
  • Adding Interactivity to your Report

Power BI Service

  • Power BI Pro vs Premium Overview
  • Power BI Pro Interface Tour
  • Publishing Reports to Power BI Pro
  • Personal Workspaces
  • Dashboards
  • Apps
  • Collabortation Workspaces

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

  • Overview of the Langauges used in Power BI (M and DAX)
  • DAX Syntax Basics
  • Aggregation Functions
  • Filter Functions
  • Other Functions
  • DAX Documentation

The course is packed with lectures, code-along videos, assignment questions and detailed walkthroughs.

There should be more than enough to keep you engaged and learning! As an added plus you will also have lifetime access to all the lectures.



Introduction and Set Up

Course Introduction
Power BI Ecosystem
Power BI Desktop Installation
Power BI Desktop Interface Overview
Course Project and Dataset Download (IMPORTANT)

Part 1: Loading and Transforming Data

Part 1 Section Overview
Entering Data Manually
Saving Your Work
Loading the Races CSV Data
Removing Rows and Columns
Data Types
Working with Columns
Splitting / Extracting Information from Columns
Simple Mathematical Operations
Duplicate, Index and Conditional Columns
Refreshing the Source Data
Sorting your Data
Filtering Values
Logically Ordering your Applied Steps
Replacing Values
Duplicate vs Reference
Appending Queries
Removing Duplicates
Transpose, Reverse Rows and Count Rows
Loading the Circuits JSON File & Assignment
Loading the Drivers Text File & Assignment
Loading the Constructors CSV File & Assignment
Loading the Results CSV File & Assignments
Group By
Pivoting and Unpivoting
Download the Part 1 Power BI Report

Part 2: Data Modelling

Part 2 Section Overview
Linking Tables via Relationships
One to Many Cardinality and Cross Filter Direction
Many to Many Cardinality
One to One Cardinality
Creating the Relationships for our Data Model (Assignment)
Autodetect and Active Relationships
Data Modelling Approaches – STAR and SNOWFLAKE
Merging Tables – Join Types
Merging Tables Demonstration
Download the Part 2 Power BI Report

Part 3: Visualizations in Power BI

Part 3 Section Overview
Visualization and Report Basics
Table and Matrix Visuals
Bar and Column Charts
Quick Note on Legends
Drilldowns and Hierarchies
The Filter Pane
Small Multiples
Line and Area Charts
Combo Charts and Cross Filter Direction Revisited
Scatter Charts
Data Categories and Maps
Visual Elements
Additional Visualizations
Best Practice Tips and Formula One Report Requirements
Creating the Formula One Report Part 1
Creating the Formula One Report Part 2
Download the Part 3 Power BI Report

Part 4: Power BI Online

Part 4 Section Overview
Power BI Online Overview
Power BI Pro Interface Tour
Publishing Reports to Power BI Pro
Refreshing Data
Collaboration Workspaces

Part 5: Introduction to DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)

Part 5 Section Overview – Languages in Power BI
DAX Overview
Aggregation Functions
Filter Functions
Other Functions
Assignment Questions
Download the Part 5 Power BI Report

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