Learn How To Trade Fundamental News Release Like Hedge Funds

Learn the secret of trading Fundamental on the forex Market like Hedge Funds and Banks

What you will learn

You will learn the anatomy behind Market Structure

You will understand the behavior behind the market and price fluctuations

You will be able to identify entry points of and for market makers and make them yours too

You will learn the psychology behind trends and retracements of the market


Welcome to My Course on How To Trade Forex Like Hedge Funds.

In this course, I will take you to step by step and teach you how to trade the forex market like Market Makers. You will learn the secret behind the following:

  1. Learn how to predict the direction of a new release beforehand
  2. Become better to analyze and know with confidence what will before and after
  3. Entry Points for market makers so that you can exploit them too
  4. Institutional candles so that you take advantage than going other way and regret
  5. You Will also learn the secret on how to make the best trading decision like Non-Commercial Traders.
  6. You will learn how to spot Candles that bigs boys used to make entry Points so that you too can enter.

I will help you throughout the course to understand the intricacies of the market and the reason behind its movement. You will learn a detailed report on why the market forms structures, break structures, and makes reversals.

This course is about making you understand how to trade the Fundamental News on the market and take advantage of the whole scenario to profit from it. This will increase in you a bigger understanding of what is on the market, where to do it, and when to do it. You will learn the purpose of every action on the market and you will be able to understand every step you take and have confidence in your entries.





1 Into to Fundamental Trading

2 Who is a news trader

How News Traders Trade

Understanding A News Trader

Types Of News Release

News Events To Trade

Technical-Market Structure

0 Market Structure

1 Market Structure Examples

2 Order Blocks + Structure

3 Bearish Order Blocks

4 Bearish & Bullish Order Block Examples

5 Fib + Order blocks + Structure

Analysis & Live Trading Examples

Intro to Fed Interest Live Trading & Analysis

Fed Interest Rate Live Analysis Before News

Fed Interest Live

What To Consider When Choosing A Broker For News

Broker to use trading News

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