Learn Arabic letters+Vocabularies

Foundation 1

What you will learn

☑ The Arabic language foundations (Reading)

☑ How to read pronounce the alphabets.

☑ Shapes of Arabic letters according to their positions in a word

☑ The Harakaat

☑ Short vowels

☑ Long vowels

☑ Sokoon

☑ Slides vedio


This course will take step by step through the basics of knowledge and information required to learn and master the Arabic language.  This course is designed for adults. Therefore, A great amount of vocabulary and pieces of information will be embedded; so that you can make the best possible out from this short course.




The alphabets

The alphabets

Where is the position of this letter?

The Harakaat.

Introduction to Harakaat

The haraka Sokook

What is Sokoon with examples.

Short vowels and long vowels

Short vowel fat’ha and long vowel mad bil Alif

Short vowel kasra and long vowel mad bil Yaa

Short vowel damma and long vowel mad bil Waaw

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