Instagram marketing Get visible with a Post-Posting Strategy

Learn how to create a Post-Posting Strategy to attract your ideal customers & clients and get more eyes on your business

What you will learn

How a Post-Posting Strategy will have a huge effect on the visibility of your Instagram feed

How to grow your followers and increase your engagement with a Post-Posting Strategy

How to create your own bespoke Post-Posting Strategy

How to implement your Post-Posting Strategy

Where your ideal customers and clients are on Instagram

How to draw your ideal customers and clients back to your feed

How to influence the algorithm and get it working in your favour


Do you find it frustrating when you get very little engagement on your Instagram posts?

Are you discouraged when you do get engagement but it’s just spammy comments?

Are you struggling to grow your following on Instagram?

Are you struggling to attract your ideal customers and clients to your Instagram feed?

Most businesses simply post, wait for their ideal customers and clients to find them and then give up when no-one engages and their following just doesn’t grow. The secret is to take action straight after posting, to actively find your ideal customers and clients and draw them back to your feed. By doing this you’ll tip the algorithm in your favour making your posts, your feed and your business highly visible on Instagram. Plus, it only takes 20 minutes of your time each time you’ve posted! With more than 2 billion monthly active Instagram users, it’s time you claimed your fair share of this crowd!

Don’t just amass random followers; start attracting your ideal customers and clients. Let’s transform your quiet feed into a bustling hub of interaction.

In this course you will learn how to:

· Find your ideal customers and clients

· Attract them back to your feed

· Encourage engagement

· Increase followers

· Implement a Post-Posting Strategy

By the end of this course you’ll no longer be wasting your time aimlessly posting on Instagram. Instead, you’ll have focus, a renewed enthusiasm for the platform, and will spend your time in a much more efficient and strategic way.

Who is your course instructor?

I am Triinu, an Instagram Coach, Social Media ChatGPT Trainer and Online Business Expert, with a marketing, psychology and teaching background. Through my highly engaged Instagram feed I have generated thousands of sales and have helped thousands of businesses to do the same – and all through free, organic, clever, time-saving, easy to follow strategies.

Let’s do this!

Triinu x





Your Post-Posting Strategy

Never just post and run
Drum up interest in your post
How do you drum up interest?
Where do you drum up interest?
Your Post-Posting Strategy


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