HealthScore Cooking School

The HealthScore Plan To Take Back The Kitchen

What you will learn

☑How to design meals that are optimal for health

☑How to outfit a kitchen with all the tools you’ll need to prepare your food

☑What food to buy

☑How to prepare delicious meals with the most health benefit in the least time


The single most important thing you can do for your health is prepare your own food, each meal, day in and day out.  Optimal health requires opting out of the marketplace of prepared and processed food, and developing routines around the core foods that compose a healthy diet. Dr. Nicholas Cohen will teach you how to implement a three meal per day eating plan that will keep you in optimal health. If you are overweight, this plan can help you lose weight; if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol or high blood sugar, this diet can reverse these diet related conditions.

The course begins with how to build a menu from the seven food categories that are essential to a healthy diet.  Then Dr. Cohen will show you how to outfit your kitchen. He’ll take you through how to stock your pantry, your freezer and fridge. Then he show you how to prepare 3 delicious incredibly nutritious meals every day.

Dr. Nicholas Cohen is a practicing primary care physician at a University of California at San Francisco affiliated practice.  He completed his undergraduate degree at Wesleyan University and his medical degree at the NYU Langone School of Medicine. He has been practicing for over eleven years.






Things to Do Once

From Recommendations to Meals: Why a Boring Diet is the Best Kind

23 Essentials for Your Kitchen

Things to Do Every 3-6 Months

Buy in Bulk, Just Not Nuts

Things to Do Every 1-2 Months

Amazon Subscription to Break Addiction to Nutrition Yeast and Other Advantages

The Best Fruit in the Universe and other Frozen Fruit from the Supermarket

How Not to Overeat Hummus, and Other Salad Toppings, Stir Fry Adds, and Coffee

Things to Do Every 1-2 Weeks

Buy Protein at the Supermarket

Things to Do Once Each Week

Supermarket Shop for Produce, Nuts & Eggs

Things to Do Every 4 Days

Make Hard Boiled Eggs for Salad

Cook Beans in an Instant Pot

Make Any Kind of Whole Grain in an Instant Pot

How to Make Overnight Oats

Things to Do Daily

For Breakfast (or After Dinner): Serve Yourself Overnight Oats

For Lunch: Take the Two Pound Salad Challenge

For Dinner: The Universal Recipe to Air Fry Any Vegetable

For Dinner: The Universal Recipe to Prepare the Protein and Sauce – Using Oven

Coffee and Green Tea

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