Digital Marketing B2B: Ultimate B2B Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing B2B from A-Z: Learn Digital Marketing from a Silicon Valley Marketing Executive with top MBA, F100 XP

What you will learn

Social Media Marketing


ATTENTION B2B DIGITAL MARKETING STUDENTS: Learn the strategies and nitty-gritty tactical details of acquiring business customers cheaply and quickly through digital marketing and modern social media marketing. Get executive-level training from a former VP of Marketing and college instructor with Fortune 100 experience–at a fraction of the cost of an executive digital marketing training courses!

This is the ultimate course on B2B digital marketing. I was a global marketing manager for Sony and a Vice President of Marketing for a Google accelerator startup. For the past 11 years I’ve worked with countless early and mid-stage companies with their digital B2B digital marketing. I also taught college-level digital marketing.

I studied B2B marketing and digital marketing at the #1 ranked marketing school in the US–the Kellogg School of Management. This is where the father of marketing himself, Philip Kotler, teaches.

The primary benefit of this course is learning how to acquire customers cost-effectively. But in the process of teaching you demand generation, you’re also going to learn a lot about B2B marketing strategy and high-level, long-term planning and digital brand-building.

If you feel anything is missing, you’re welcome to write me!

Key digital marketing topics:

  1. Demand generation and lead generation planning across various outbound and inbound channels
  2. Basic and advanced LinkedIn digital marketing with real examples of campaigns I ran
    (as well as other social media marketing channels including Facebook and Twitter)
  3. Cold email digital marketing and execution with real examples of manual and digital marketing automated campaigns
  4. B2B copywriting using my SPF framework and psychological fundamentals
  5. Account based digital marketing (ABM) with execution details
  6. B2B conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  7. B2B digital marketing content creation using real examples and case studies

This course is for anyone involved in B2B digital marketing, including freelancers, agencies, copywriters, entrepreneurs, and marketing managers and executives at companies large and small.

Let’s get started!

P.S., While there is a strong emphasis on LinkedIn digital marketing in this course, I will talk about fully integrated campaigns that involve Facebook, Twitter, and other channels. A fully-loaded B2B marketing campaign leverages the advantages of each social media marketing channel.

P.P.S., You’re welcome to ask me your toughest B2B digital marketing questions! I like a good challenge.

Learn from a master strategist and tactician without paying hefty consulting fees.




B2B Lead Generation

Your list and why personas aren’t adequate

Pointless personas

The best approach

Finding or buying a list

Rent a list

Compile or build a list

Build a list from scratch – continued

Your List – Conclusion

Why you need to stop marketing your product and start doing this one thing

Latch onto Larger Companies Part 1

Latch onto Larger Companies Part 2

Pipeline Part 1

Pipeline Part 2

Pipeline Part 3

What type of lead do most people mean when they say “we want more leads!”

Customer Decision Journey – Part 1

Customer Decision Journey – Part 2

Customer Decision Journey – Part 3

Direct Mail Resurgence

Creating viral content

Beard Bib Example

Part 1 – One of the Cheapest Ways to Acquire Customers

Part 2 – One of the Cheapest Ways to Acquire Customers

Your Hard Offer – Part 1

Your Hard Offer – Part 2

Promote your hard offer on Facebook

Raising Awareness with Facebook Ads

Which of the following is a hard offer?

Content Syndication

Cold Calling

Emails Part 1

Email Lead Nurturing

Emails Part 2

LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads


Most common mistakes I see in LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn Mistakes

Fixing LinkedIn problem 1 with lead gen forms

Fixing LinkedIn problem 2 with negative targeting

Fixing LinkedIn problem 3 with bidding

Fixing LinkedIn problems 4 & 5 with nurturing

Creating a simple LinkedIn video ad in Canva

Simple & successful LinkedIn video ad example

Storytelling LinkedIn video ad example

LinkedIn Video Ad for Maximizing Views

Marketing Video Example

LinkedIn Message Ad Example

LinkedIn Message Ad Example 2


LinkedIn Conversation Ads

LinkedIn WARNING about message ad KPIs!

LinkedIn: More Warnings

LinkedIn Text Ad Examples

LinkedIn Text Ads – UTM Tracking and Insights Tag

LinkedIn image ads 1

LinkedIn image ads 2

LinkedIn image ad campaign example (SaaS consulting)

LinkedIn Carousel ads

Choosing the right LinkedIn campaign objective

LinkedIn Targeting

Warning about the default campaign group in LinkedIn

LinkedIn Pre-filled forms!

LinkedIn Audience Network

LinkedIn email scraping

LinkedIn matched audiences

LinkedIn account assets – led gen forms

LinkedIn website demographics

LinkedIn campaign demographics

LinkedIn campaign performance

B2B Marketing Funnel Benchmarks for LinkedIn Marketing Performance

OPTIONAL: Why you should NOT use BANT to define Sales Qualified Opportunities

Marketing Funnel Template

The 3 Big Things to Test with LinkedIn

What if pushing people to consultations and demos doesn’t work?

What if the lead generation still isn’t working?

LinkedIn Awareness & Education Campaigns

LinkedIn Retargeting


Cold Emails


Cold Email Tip #1

Tip 1

Cold Email Tip #2

Cold Email Tip #3

Cold Email Tip #4

Cold Email Tip #5

Tip 5

Cold Email Tip #6

Tip #6 Explained

Email Copywriting Case Study

Measuring Success – Email Copywriting

Measuring Success

Getting Emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

New Email + Warming It Up

Deliverability Checklist

B2B Copywriting


Copywriting Introduction


Chatbot Example Continued


OPTIONAL: Building a Funnel Campaign in LinkedIn

Psychology 1 – Reactance Copywriting


Psychology 2 – Endowment Copywriting

Task: Endowment Copywriting

Endowment Copywriting

Psychology 3 – Distance Copywriting

Psychology 4 – Uncertainty Copywriting

Psychology 5 – Corroborating Evidence Copywriting

Copywriting Funnel 1


Copywriting Funnel 2

SPF Copywriting Framework Workbook

Copywriting Mistakes 1

Copywriting Mistakes 2

B2B Copywriting Mistakes

Copywriting Cases

Maximizing Video Views

PAS Copywriting

Tactical Copywriting Frameworks

Copywriting Case Studies 2

Account Based Marketing


High Level Framework

ABM framework

What Makes it Different

ABM Funnel

Key ABM Trigger Events

LinkedIn company/account targeting

ABM campaign to target accounts

Setting up the ABM campaign

Setting up the ABM Ad

Finishing a Conversation Ad

Conversation Ads

Measuring ad performance

Persona Level Targeting


Direct mail overview

Mailing list

3 Considerations

Direct mail execution

Successful direct mail examples

Direct mail case study

Direct Mail

Influencer marketing for B2B ABM

Sales Navigator

Facebook ad setup

Facebook Lead Gen Ad

Twitter Ads

Account targeting with Google ads

Content syndication & display ads

3-2-1 Strategy – Salesforce

3-2-1 Strategy HubSpot

3-2-1 Strategy Mailchimp

CRM triggers

Trigger example

Content Funnel

ABM content marketing mistake & correction

Changing people’s minds

Addressing objections 1

Addressing objections 2



Introduction to Sales Enablement

Internal Education 1

Internal Education 2

Customer Facing Content

Operational Improvement

B2B Conversion Rate Optimization


Strategic Thinking for Conversion Rate Optimization

Strategic Thinking

Assignment: Audience Insights

On-site Surveys

Survey Example

Conversion Rate Optimization Mistake

Easiest Way to Boost Conversion Rates

Dramatic CTA Changes

Levels of Testing

Offer Testing

Time to Convert

30 Day Drip with Webinar

Assignment: Webinar

6 Principles

Analytics Mistakes

Ungated Videos

Provide Options

Provide Options through Retargeting

Address Objections

Testing Creative Strategies

AB Testing Pages

AB Testing Pages 2

A/B vs A/B/N vs. Multivariate Testing

General Rule of Thumb

CRO Software

Optimizing Based on Stages of Awareness

Funnel Content Testing

Funnel Example

Pricing Page Testing

Audio Testing


Social Sign On

Live Chat CRO


Interactive Content

B2B Content Creation


Shopify 1


Shopify 2



Shopify & McKinsey Framework

Shopify & Brand Language


Content Analysis


Psychology & Industries

REDUCE Framework

Soft Content

Blog & More

Stages of Awareness

PAS Formula


Funnel Content Intro


Buyers Guide

Survey Reports


Case Studies

Case Study 2

Direct Mail

Direct Mail – Classic

Industrial Advertisement

My #1 Piece of Advice for PR & Event Content



Interactive Content [Optional]

Article Focused on Problems

Salesy BOFU Content

Default Positioning

Advanced LinkedIn Ads


Avoid Gating Content


Assignment: Ungated LinkedIn Content

Direct-Response vs Brand Awareness

Direct Response

Out of Market Buyers


Assignment: In-Market Buyers

In Market Targeting

Which of the following is generally consider “MOFU” or middle-of-funnel content?

Awareness Advertising

Awareness Marketing Stages

Frequency & Reach


Awareness Campaign Example

Video as Direct Response

Cheaper Video Views Campaign

Video Views

Video Creative

Different Objective, Same Outcome

Comparing Video Metrics across Platforms

Comparing Videos within a Campaign

Lower CPC Creative

Comparing Video Views between Campaigns

When to Use LinkedIn Ads vs Other Ads

When to Use LinkedIn Ads

When Everything Fails


Using LinkedIn Ads for Research?


Economies of Scale

Where to Use LinkedIn for Research

Negative Targeting

Positive Targeting

Demographic Targeting

Event Ads


Spotlight Ads

Key Pointers

Boosting Organic Posts

High Level Considerations in B2B Marketing

Stage 1

Stage 2

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