Cross Cultural Management Made Easy

Simple, ‘to the point’ cross cultural training for dealing with business persons from around the world. All situations.

What you will learn

Understanding of cultural differences in the world

Understanding of the differences in preferred leadership styles across countries

Understanding of the differences in management styles in different countries

What are the different tools and techniques for understanding the culture of different countries

How to compare the cultures of different countries using easy tools

How to manage international business in a multicultural environment

How to manage the cultural integration of two merged companies from different countries


Do you know the cost of failure of cross-cultural awareness and lack of cross-cultural competence? The cost for cultural integration of Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company of USA to integrate the newly acquired company (in 1995), Pharmacia of Sweden was close to 1 Bn $ almost 300 Million $ above expectations. Despite such huge costs the company disintegrated and vanished from the world market within a decade of the merger.

When handled properly world cultural diversity can be converted to the key success factor of a business. The world of business requires knowledgeable culturally competent cross-cultural management professionals. This course is the first such course in the world on the online platform which boasts of super simple ideas, models, and theories that can significantly improve the cultural awareness and cultural competency of the entire workforce of your global business organization. In addition, the course provides invaluable tools, tips, and techniques to conquer the business world of multicultural differences, unique beliefs, norms, and values.

Topics Covered

The broad topics covered in this course include

1. Understanding World Cultures

2. Understanding Management Styles in Different countries

3. Understanding different leadership styles preferred in different countries.

4. Basic cross-cultural differences models and tools to understand cultural differences, like Hofstede’s Model, Globe Study, Cultural adaptation model, etc.

5. Basic cross-cultural management theories

Case Studies

Case Studies Included in this course include

1. Merger of Pharmacia of Sweden with Upjohn of USA

2. Failure of Vodafone in Japan

3. Exports of Tuna from India to Japan

About the instructor

Dr. Vijesh Jain, instructor of this course is a Harvard University, BITS, IIFT, BIMTECH, University of Mysore alumnus with more than 30 years of global industry, research, and training career with global countries in different countries. He has written several books on cross-cultural management and international business. His research papers in international journals and research platforms, international conferences have been consistently appreciated and quoted in research worldwide. Having dealt with more than 28 countries with 100’s overseas clients, Dr. Jain has practical cross-cultural management experience. He has also worked as the Director in reputed B Schools, at different places.





Introduction, Welcome and Opening case study

Introduction & Opening Case Study

Clash of different management styles – Case Study Part 2

Italian Management Style

Impact of Cultural Clashes

Timelines of the events

Questions raised by this case study

Quiz 1

Globalization and Need to Understand Cultural Differences

Increased global cultural interaction driven by globalization

Impact of globalization

Culture – A complex concept to learn about

What is culture?

Complexity of understanding cultural differences

Module Summary

Quiz 2

Research Models Explaining Cultural Differences

Understanding cultural differences

Module Overview

Low and High Context Cultures Model

Failure of Vodafone in Japan – A Case Study of High Context Culture

Hofstede’s model of national cultural dimensions

Hofstede’s model of national cultural dimensions explained – Part 1

Hofstede’s model of national cultural dimensions explained – Part 2

Hofstede’s model of national cultural dimensions explained – Part 3

Cultural Dimensions wise country scores analysis with examples of 4 countries

Country wise cultural dimensions scores analysis on examples of 4 countries

Comparing Japan and US culture using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions model

Module Summary

Quiz 3

Leadership, Management Styles and National Cultures

Preferred outstanding leadership @ local cultures

Module Overview

Issues related to leadership styles in cross cultural management

Leader-Member-Exchange (LMX) Theory

Culturally Endorsed Implicit Leadership Theory (CLT) – Part 1

Culturally Endorsed Implicit Leadership Theory (CLT) – Part 2

Building A Global Corporate Culture Based on Ethical Behavior

Managing Worldwide Diversity

Management styles across nations

Leadership and Management Styles – Part 1

Leadership and Management Styles – Part 2

Leadership and Management Styles – Part 3

Comparing Japan and US management styles – Part 1

Comparing Japan and US management styles – Part 2

Comparing Japan and US management styles – Part 3

Module Summary

Quiz 4

Cross Cultural Management Theories

Taking help of some great ideas for cross cultural management

Module Overview


Jungle Theory of Cross Cultural Management

Role of Cultural Shock and Cultural Stress in building cultural competence

Theory of comfort of local cultures with foreign cultures in MNEs

Stages of Cultural Adaptation

Role of Cognitive Diversity in Organizational Performance

Module Summary

Quiz 5

Opening Case Study Solution

Cultural integration mistakes to be avoided

Case Study Solution – What cultural differences matters in overseas business?

Case Study Solution – Observing National Cultures

Case Study Solution – What could have been done right?

Case Study Solution – Why parent company tend to impose its own style of working

Case Study Solution – What kind of cultural awareness is required?

Case Study Solution – Can local units be left to their own ways of doing things?

Closing Case Study of the Course

Exports of Tuna by Mr. Gupta from India to Japan – A case Study -Part 1

Exports of Tuna by Mr. Gupta from India to Japan – A case Study -Part 2

Concluding Remarks

Final Thoughts

Concluding thoughts

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