The ultimate guide to creating an effective Linkedin profile to build effective relationships.

What you will learn

☑How to get create a profile page that will draw your target audience.

☑How to generate leads and sales.

☑How to increase your revenue.

☑How to effectively build relationships.



The ultimate guide in helping you create a professional Linkedin profile page to build effective relationships.

In this course, I will guide you in how to create a professional Linkedin profile page, this will help you build effective relationships, make better leads resulting in you to increase your revenue and sales.

This course is ideal for those who have Linkedin but not sure on how to get the best out of the platform, whether that being you’re not too sure on how to get the best out of the it; not getting the results that you want; or not sure on how to handle your connection requests in making the right connections; or how to manage your posts and looking at what is effective activity. This course will help guide you through all the issues most face when dealing with Linkedin to help build better relationships so you can get the results you need.

I’m Tony K Silver a LinkedIn Profiler & LinkedIn Trainer, I help Individuals and small teams by making sure they have the correct skill set to maximise their LinkedIn Profile so that it generates sales leads and has high engagement. I work with clients to get their LinkedIn profile ranked higher in searches. I do this through my unique LinkedIn profile Audit and Implementation service.




Course Structure

Course Structure

Module 1

Module 1 – Home

Module 1 – Sub Module 1

Module 1 – Sub Module 2

Module 2

Module 2 – Home

Module 2 – Sub Module 1

Module 2 – Sub Module 2

Module 2 – Sub Module 3

Module 2 – Sub Module 4

Module 3

Module 3 – Home

Module 3 – Sub Module 1

Module 3 – Sub Module 2

Module 3 – Sub Module 3

Module 3 – Sub Module 4

Module 4

Module 4 – Home

Module 4 – Sub Module 1

Module 4 – Sub Module 2

Module 4 – Sub Module 3

Module 4 – Sub Module 4

Module 4 – Sub Module 5

Module 4 – Sub Module 6

Module 5

Module 5 – Home

Module 5 – Sub Module 1

Module 5 – Sub Module 2

Module 5 – Sub Module 3

Module 5 – Sub Module 4

Module 5 – Sub Module 5

Module 5 – Sub Module 6

Module 5 – Sub Module 7

Module 5 – Sub Module 8

Module 6

Module 6 – Home

Module 6 – Sub Module 1

Module 6 – Sub Module 2

Module 6 – Sub Module 2(a)


Course Completion

Next Steps

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