Creating AI Art That Sells: A MidJourney and DALLE Course

Discover the limitless possibilities of AI art with MidJourney and DALLE

What you will learn

Basics of AI art and how it can be used to create stunning, original artwork.

How to use MidJourney and DALLE, two powerful AI art platforms, to generate different types of art.

Techniques for blending and expanding images using AI.

How to create different types of AI-generated art, including profile photos, avatars, interior and exterior designs, realistic cartoon art, anime characters

Strategies for selling AI-generated art, including how to promote and market their work on online marketplaces.

Best practices for working with MidJourney and DALLE, including how to optimize settings and adjust parameters to achieve desired results.

How to generate high-quality, large-scale prints of AI-generated art.

Ethical considerations related to AI art, including questions around authorship and ownership.

Tips for incorporating AI-generated art into existing workflows and projects, such as graphic design or video production.

Ways to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of AI art, and how to continue learning and experimenting beyond the course.


Welcome to “Building AI Art with MidJourney and DALLE” – an immersive course that will take you on a journey through the exciting world of AI art. In this course, you’ll learn how to create stunning, original artwork using two powerful AI art platforms – MidJourney and DALLE.

Our expert instructors will guide you through the basics of AI art, showing you how to harness the power of these cutting-edge technologies to generate a wide range of art styles and formats. You’ll learn how to blend and expand images using AI, and how to create different types of AI-generated art, including profile photos, avatars, interior and exterior designs, realistic cartoon art, anime characters, and illustrations.

In addition to the technical skills required to create AI art, this course will also cover important ethical considerations related to the field. You’ll explore questions around authorship and ownership, and gain a deeper understanding of the role that AI can play in the creative process.

As you progress through the course, you’ll develop a range of skills and techniques that will enable you to create high-quality, professional-grade AI art. You’ll also learn how to sell your AI-generated art, with practical strategies for promoting and marketing your work on online marketplaces.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid foundation in AI art, and the skills and knowledge necessary to create stunning, original artwork that blends technology and creativity in exciting new ways. You’ll be equipped with the tools you need to master the future of digital art and to pursue your artistic ambitions with confidence.

In Section 1, we will start with the basics of DALL-E. Lecture 1 will cover how to register for DALL-E, and Lecture 2 will show you how to use DALL-E. Lecture 3 will cover documentation and pricing.

Section 2 focuses on DALL-E prompt processing. In Lecture 4, we will explore prompt length, and in Lecture 5, we will discuss prompt design.

In Section 3, we will dive into illustration styles. This section comprises lectures on different illustration styles, including realism, minimalism, retro/vintage, lettering, geometric, vector, flat art, 3D illustration, surrealism, and psychedelic.

Section 4 focuses on photographic styles. In this section, we will cover lectures on camera proximity, position, lenses, lighting, film and TV prompts, and portrait photography.

In Section 5, we will explore art history styles. Lectures in this section include dark ages ancient photographs, renaissance, modern art, and specific artists.

Section 6 is dedicated to 3D art. Lectures in this section include photographing sculptures and statues, model designing, and building spaces.

Section 7 is all about DALL-E techniques. Lectures in this section include fixing details, uncropping and outpainting, combining images, and variations.

Section 8 introduces you to MidJourney. In Lecture 33, we will provide an overview of MidJourney, and in Lecture 34, we will show you how to use it.

Section 9 focuses on MidJourney styles. Lectures in this section include advanced options, appearance parameters, MidJourney models, tale options, video generation, and image prompts.

Section 10 covers MidJourney AI art management. Lectures in this section include describing an image, permutation prompts, profile picture magic filters, settings, and selling your AI art.



Getting Started with DALL-E

DALL-E Registration
How to Use DALL-E
Documentation and Pricing

DALL-E Prompt Processing

Prompt Length
Prompt Design

Illustration Styles

Flat art
3D illustration

Photographic Styles

Camera Proximity
Camera Position
Camera Lenses
Camera Lighting
Film and TV Prompts
Portrait Photographer

Art History Styles

Dark Ages Ancient Photographs
Modern Art
Specific Artists

3D Art

Photographing Sculptures and Statues
Model Designer
Building Spaces

Dall-E Techniques

Fixing Details
Uncropping and Outpainting
Combining Images

MidJourney Account Set Up

Introduction to Midjourney
How to Use MidJourney?

MidJourney Styles

Advanced Options
Appearance Parameters
MidJourney Models
Tale Option
Video Generation
Image Prompts

MidJourny AI Art Management

Describing an Image
Permutation Prompts
Profile Picture Magic Filters
Selling Your AI Art

Building an Image Generation App with DALL-E and PowerPoint

Use DALL-E API: Generate Images with Python
Create a basic AI Application
Decode DALL-E Json Response
Build DALL-E Image Generator for PowerPoint
Get Slides for Your DALL-E Application
Create DALL-E Slide Generation Function
Create Slide AI Text Using ChatGPT

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