Chemistry for Entrance exams

Chem for NET , SET , BAARC

What you will learn

☑Student will acquire knowledge about atomic orbitals

☑Students will be able to deduce term symbols

☑They will learn about subshell of an element

☑Will be able to learn how to remove term symbols for any element


In this course students will learn about atomic term symbol.subshells of atoms and microstates will be taught. Students appearing for entrance exams will be very helpful from this course . Assignment will be given at the end of the course which will be based upon topics covered in the course.Any student can watch this course even if they like learning chemistry, college level students or students preparing for entrance exams .

This course entails about interaction of spin – angular momentum.types of spin – orbit coupling which includes L-S coupling (Russel – Saunders coupling) and j-j coupling which is seen I’m heavy elements.All the four types of quantum no. Will be discussed I.e principal quantum number, azimuthal qunatum no. ,Spin quantum no. , Magnetic quantum no. Microstate which is no. Of arrangements of electron in partially filled subshell.microstate degeneracy will also be taught. Students studying at  post graduation level can also watch this course as it will be beneficial for them for further studies. This is a very interesting topic which mainly comes under Co-ordination chemistry . Hope I get to share other parts as well of co-ordination chemistry. Term symbol is also called as spectroscopic term which also has importance in quantum chemistry which is a part of physical chemistry.




Introduction : we will learn how to remove ground term symbols



Spin orbit coupling

Term symbol

Atomic term symbol

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