Build a Polished Space Shooter Game in GameMaker Studio 2

Learn 2D Game Development in GameMaker. We focus on juice and smooth game mechanics while developing this shoot-em-up

What you will learn

Learn basic programming skills applicable to all programming languages

Learn how to develop a game from start to finish in Gamemaker Studio 2

Learn how to insert juice into your game with visual effects, explosions, screenshake, slow motion, and more

Tackle advanced topics like inheritance, boids, and scaling to any resolution

Learn smooth physics based movement

Create dazzling effects using particles

Create scripts that can be saved for other projects

Build a scalable code base to make future development easier


This course takes you through a whirlwind of code and concepts while creating a bullet hell game. If you are a beginner, we start at zero, explaining every idea in detail. As the course progresses we quickly build up speed, covering advanced topics seldom touched upon in other tutorials. But don’t let that stop you, each section has the source code uploaded at the end if you get stuck.

So join this course, learn to create beautiful visual effects, multiple enemy types, scalable design, and more. At the end of this series, you will have a complete game you can be proud of, and show off to your friends.

Finishing a game is a huge achievement, and few make it that far. This course can help you pass that milestone if its your first time, or teach you new tricks if you’re a veteran.

While making this game you will learn many programming concepts ranging from beginner to advanced.

Beginner Concepts Covered:

  1. GameMaker’s layout
  2. The step, create, and draw events
  3. How to import resources
  4. Variables and commenting
  5. Getting player input
  6. Basic Movement
  7. Restricting objects to a certain area
  8. Cameras
  9. Dynamic Backgrounds
  10. Particles
  11. Arrays and loops
  12. Knockback
  13. Sinusoidal movement
  14. Screen shake
  15. Slow motion
  16. Loading data from a file
  17. Playing Music and sound effects

Advanced Concepts Covered:

  1. Physics based movement
  2. How to scale your game to any aspect ratio
  3. Raycasting for bullets
  4. Inheritance
  5. Boids
  6. Performance Optimization


  1. A computer

Who Should Take the Course:

  1. Beginner and intermediate game developers


Instructor Introduction and Course Structure
If You’re Stuck…
Gamemaker Setup
Downloading GameMaker
Understanding GameMaker’s Layout
Game Files
Importing Resources
Player Movement
Creating a Player Object
Understanding Events
Movement 1
Movement 2
Movement 3
Room Boundries
Project Reference
Room Setup
Room Background, Camera basics
Fullscreen Basic
Fullscreen Advanced Theory
Fullscreen Advanced
Project Reference
Juice 1
Star Particles
Cloud Particles
Exhaust Trail
Project Reference
Additional Juice Resources
Shooting Basics
Shooting 2
Shooting 3
Shooting 4
Project Reference
Enemies and Inheritance
Inheritance Theory
oDeath Object
oChaser Movement
Player Damage
Shooting Enemies
Boss Movement
Boss Shooting
Project Reference
Juice 2
Improved Explosions
Enemy Exhaust Trails
Screenshake and Slow Motion
Project Reference
Additional Juice Resources
Performance Optimization
Additional Optimization Resources
Putting the Game Together
Spawning Enemies
Building Menu
Adding a Menu Button
Highscore System
Music and Sound
Exporting the Game
Project Reference
Goodbye and Good Luck
Additional Resources that I find Interesting

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