Basics Of Trendline & Breakout Strategies

Learn top 5 trendline breakout strategies in stock market with price action.

What you will learn

Learn basics to advance regarding trendline

Learn trading with precision with trendline

Learn top 5 unique trendline strategies

Learn power of multiple touches

Learn unique concepts to manage your risk per trade

Learn candlestick pattern

Learn different chart patterns based on trendline

And Much More


Hello trader, plotting trendline on the chart may be easy for some of them, but trading with precision with a trendline is hard for most of them. We have brought a course to provide you with knowledge from basic to advance regarding trendlines. The course is called basics of trendline & breakout strategies. In the beginning, you will learn swing analysis which consists of knowledge regarding market behaviour and how the trend forms. For plotting the trendline, we need the trend, and learning the basics in-depth will provide your analysis with an edge. Later we move to the basics of the trendline, here you will learn regarding support and resistance, How to draw a trendline?, Power of multiple touches, Trendline change analysis, Rules of trendline and much more. After we complete the basics we focus on the advanced part essential for trading with a trendline. Here you will learn unique techniques to draw trendlines with precision As well as you will advance candlestick patterns for trading purposes and chart patterns whose roots are trendlines. Now till here, you will have enough of depth knowledge to understand the high probability trading strategies. Here in this course, you will learn 5 unique strategies to trade in the stock market with trendlines. We start with the rsi + power breakout strategy, second trend zone strategy, third pullback strategy, fourth channel boosting strategy, fifth chart pattern strategy. Till here you will have a concept to trade with trendline but trading with managing trade is risky

So, after you learn strategy we provide you with techniques to manage your risk and reward with unique concepts of target and stop loss. You will learn many more through this course. To give an edge and consistency to your trading journey

So don’t wait and take a step initially towards learning, which will lead to the track of profitability in future

Join the course and become a consistent trader.



Swing Analysis
Market Behaviour
Trend Formation
Basics Of Trendline
Support & Resistance
How to draw trendline?
Power Of Multiple Touches
Trend Change Analysis
Rules Of Trendline
Advance Analysis
Plotting Of Trendline – Advance
Candlestick Analysis – Advance
Chart Analysis
Chart Analysis – Advance
Chart Analysis
Strategy Two – Trend Zone Strategy
Chart Analysis
Strategy Three – Pullback Strategy
Chart Analysis
Strategy Four – Channel Boosting Strategy
Chart Analysis
Strategy Five – Chart Pattern Strategy
Chart Analysis
Target And Stoploss
Uniques ways to manage risk with stoploss
Learn to set targets
Bonus Lecture

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