AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 : Exam and Beyond

Before you begin

Introduction to AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

Certification Curriculum

Getting Started with AWS

What is Cloud Computing

Introducing AWS Cloud Infrastructure

AWS Core Service Categories

Creating your AWS Account

Creating IAM User Account

Creating your first AWS service

Managing your AWS cost

Section Quiz

AWS Networking and VPC

Networking Fundamentals

Extended Networks

Understanding AWS VPC

Route table and Internet Gateway

Elastic IP and NAT Gateway

AWS PrivateLink and VPC endpoints

VPC Peering and Transit Gateway

Site to Site VPN and Direct Connects

Shared Responsibility Model

Security Groups, NACLs and Flow Logs

Section Quiz

Identity and Access Management

Global Vs Local Services

Introduction to Users and Groups

Introduction to Policies

RBACK – Role Based Access Control

ACP28-RBACK – Cross Account Roles

ACP29-RBACK – EC2 Roles

Users, Groups, Roles and Policies – Stitching it together

Fine Grained Access Control – Scenario

Service Authorization

AWS ABACK – Attribute Based Access Control

IAM Security Tools

IAM Best Practices

AWS CLI and Cloud Shell

Section Quiz

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Introduction to Amazon EC2

AMI-Amazon Machine Image

EC2 Instances and Instance Type

Storage options for EC2

Installing Software on EC2

Instance Configurations

Instance User Data and Metadata

EC2 Networking, Security and Monitoring

Section Quiz

Load Balancing and Auto Scaling

Scalability, Elasticity and High Availability

Elastic Load Balancer

Using Application Load Balancer

Auto Scaling and Elasticity

Auto Scaling Group

Auto Scaling Policies

Section Quiz

Amazon S3 and other Storage Services

Introduction to Amazon S3

Amazon S3 Use Cases

S3 Security Models

S3 Security – When to use what?

S3 Bucket Policy Demo

S3 Storage Class

S3 Versioning

S3 Lifecycle Rules

S3 Replication

Hosting Website in S3

AWS Snow Familiy

Section Quiz

Database and Analytics Services

Introduction to Databases in AWS

Introduction to RDS

Aurora Database

Introduction to Redshift

Amazon DynamoDB and DAX

Introduction to Elastic Cache

Amazon DocumentDB

Amazon Keyspaces

Amazon Neptune

Amazon Timestream

Amazon QLDB

Amazon Blockchain

Amazon Athena

AWS Glue

Amazon EMR

Amazon QuickSight

Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Elastic Search

Amazon DMS

Amazon DataSync

Section Quiz

Containers and Serverless

Introduction to containers

ECR, ECS, and ECS Anywhere

EKS, EKS Anywhere and EKS Distro

AWS Fargate and App Runner

Introduction to Serverless

AWS Lambda

Amazon API Gateway

Amazon SQS and SNS

Section Quiz

Developer Tools and DevOps Services

AWS Cloud Formation, CDK and Ops Works

AWS developer Tools

Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Beanstalk

Amazon Batch


Amazon CloudFront

AWS Global Accelerator

Section Quiz

Monitoring Management and Governance

AWS Cloud Watch and Event Bridge

AWS Organization SCP and Control Tower

AWS Systems Manager

AWS Service Catalog

AWS Config

Trusted Advisors

Personal Health and Service Health

Section Quiz

Cloud Security

Firewalls and DDOS protection


AWS Certificate Manager – ACM

AWS Security and Audit Tools

Penetration Testing

Section Quiz

Account Management and Billing

AWS Pricing Fundamentals

AWS Pricing Concepts

AWS Pricing Models

AWS Instance Type Scenarios

AWS Cost Calculators

AWS Billing and Cost Management

AWS Support Plans

AWS Well-Architected Framework

Section Quiz

Getting ready for the Certification

Preparing for Exam and some tips

Full Length Exam Practice Test – Self Evaluation

Full Length Exam Practice Test – Explanation


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