Assertiveness Training & Assertive Communication Improvement

Assertiveness training that will help you ask for things, stand up for yourself, communicate better, and negotiation

What you will learn

Improve your relationships with others

Boost your career

Garner more respect from others

Learn to communicate honestly and transparently


Learn assertive communication that helps you and the person with whom you are communicating. After you master assertive communication, learn to use it in various professional scenarios, including negotiation.

We communicate every day. Why not learn how to be more open, transparent, and get people on our side with our communication? That’s exactly what happens when you are assertive. You define your boundaries not by being rude or authoritarian, but by being transparent and honest. This gets people to understand your situation, sympathize with you, and after they sympathize with you, they will be much more likely to help you instead of step over your boundaries.


This course has many examples. After you learn assertiveness, you will see examples for how to use it in friendly situations, at work, at home, and when to not use it.

The second part of the course focuses on a specific use of assertiveness, and that is during negotiations. Negotiations are not just for high-stakes business deals. They happens every day at various levels.


We are often not assertive because we don’t want to cause a conflict or make a big deal. But if this continues, other people can being to push us, tell us who we are, step over our boundaries, and more. This can have the effect of ruining our confidence and even our feeling of self-worth. Instead, learn to handle difficult situations with grace so you and your communication partners can move forward in an ideal way.

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Course welcome and introduction

Assertiveness definition
Situations when it’s difficult to know when and how much to be assertive
Not an option – you need it so you are not passive aggressive later
Example – being assertive working from home and getting others to be quiet
Examples of how to assert yourself in different professional situations
Helpful phrases: I have a policy.. or I have a rule…
Assertive body language
Assertiveness examples in a meeting or in person
Examples of asking for something in assertive ways

Examples of being assertive by setting limiting beliefs

Create limiting beliefs in others
Example of saying no with courtesy and reinforcing it with a limiting belie

Negotiation using assertiveness

Negotiation section introduction
Introduction to negotiating using assertiveness
Bad-cop, good-cop negotiation technique
B.A.T.N.A, bluffing, and when to walk away

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