A level Accounting

A/A* preparation for your A level accounting. This course is specially for AQA but equally important for CAIE & Edexcel

What you will learn

☑Accounting equation

☑Double entry ledger accounts

☑Balance cd/ bd

☑How to remember debit & credit

☑Income statement & balance sheet

☑Partnership accounts

☑Incomplete records

☑Cash flow statements

☑Budget & variance

☑Margin of safety

☑Target profit

☑Absorption & marginal costing

☑A/A* preparation with past papers, theory questions & exam practice booklets


Course Information

This A’ Level Accounting Course will help you to understand the responsibilities of the accountant and the impacts of their recommendations on the business and the wider environment. You will build knowledge and understanding of key concepts, principles and techniques that they can apply to real-life scenarios, developing the ability to solve problems logically, analyse data methodically, make reasoned choices and communicate effectively.

This course is designed to build naturally on GCSE understanding with minimal duplication of content.


all our course features:

Expert tuition by a fully qualified teacher.

The course has been written for us by our tutor who has based the materials on the best practices available in teaching and learning. Included in your two year access to the online course are:

  • Interactive, online lessons.
  • Embedded videos
  • Integrated assessments giving immediate feedback
  • Tutor Marked Assessments based on past papers
  • Discussion forums
  • Tutor messaging/ help system
  • Progress monitor

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone wishing to gain a A-Level in accounting and is suitable both for returning learners and those engaging with accounting for the first time.

The course has been created to help students overcome any fears they may have about science and any lack of self confidence. In fact, the course creates success by focusing on increasing the confidence of learners.

Please note, you will need to arrange your own exams with an exam centre.

The exam centre will charge a fee; this should be in the range of £80 – 120, depending on the exam centre.

Most schools and colleges are happy to take private candidates for the exams.




Double entry

Accounting equation

How to remember Debit & Credit DEAD CLIC

How to prepare T/Ledger accounts

Balancing accounts (Balance c/d & b/d)

Trial Balance

Trial Balance

Income statement & Balance sheet


Manufacturing accounts with PUP

Manufacturing accounts

Budgeting Fixed & Flexible budget

Budget & variance

Cash flow statement

AQA accounting past paper cash flow statement

Partnership Accounts

Partners appropriation & cuurrent accounts

Short term decision making

Margin of safety MOS

Target profit TP

Absorption & Marginal costing

Test your learning

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