Web3 / Blockchain Project Manager Certification Course

Become a Blockchain Project / Product Manager and rise in the Web3 World with the hottest Job Role right now !

What you will learn

Define the roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager in Web3

Identify the Challenges, Risks, & Rewards of the role of a Web3 PM

Complete Guide to become a Web3 PM

Web3 Project/Product Manager’s Job Description Study, Job Boards, Salaries etc


Web3 is exploding. Everyone is talking about Blockchain, NFTs and DeFi, and investment and job postings in Web3 both grew by more than 400% in 2021 – 2022.

With so many smart friends jumping into Web3, this question has been on my mind. The Project Manager / Product Manager role is already so strange and varied—how does the Web3 way of working change the role further? Is it fun to be a PM in Web3? Are PMs even necessary?

At this very moment, there are countless opportunities to make a big impact and grow your career by transitioning into Web3 as a Project Manager. But it can be an opaque process and a risky decision. So let’s prepare you for this exciting role in Web3, in this course.

A common misconception is that you need to be super technical in order to get a job in Web3. But that isn’t true in case of a PM.

In this course, we will talk In-and-Out about the role of a PM in Web3 – What, Why and How. And if the question is When, then the Answer is Now ! There has not been a better time to showcase your PM skills as the demand is at its peak, with a very few qualified candidates.

Top Reasons why you should apply for the role of a PM in Web3 / Blockchain :

  • You’re building the next generation of the internet
  • You will have a huge impact on this new space. You get the chance to put your stamp on it
  • Your role is so diverse! Expect to be managing aspects of product, partnerships, growth hacking, community management, and even meme-making !
  • Learning and Development is a given, every step of the way
  • It’s fun and exciting
  • Learning new terminologies, jargon, and frameworks including token prices, airdrops, floor prices and so on
  • Get ready to start again. Web3 is so different, that you will likely need to learn new exciting skills.

Top Reasons why you should choose this Course :

  • This course is designed keeping in mind the students from all backgrounds – hence we cover everything from basics, and gradually progress towards more diverse topics.
  • This course can be completed over a Weekend.
  • All Doubts will be answered.
  • Amazing collection of resources that will be updated regularly. New Announcements will be made of any new Web3 product launch so you are always up to date with the new stuff happening in Web3 World !

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this Web3 Project Management Certification course.




What is Web1 & Web2 ?
What is Web3 ?
What is Blockchain ?
Web2 Products vs Web3 Products

Project / Product Management in Web3

Introduction to Project Management in Web3
Who is a Web3 PM ?
Web2 vs Web3 Project / Product Managers
Why PMs are a must in Web3 ?
How is Project Management Different in Web3 ?
Tasks of a Blockchain Project Manager in Web3
Why you should apply for a PM Role in Web3 ?

Important Things to Remember about being a Web3 PM

Expectations from a PM in Web3
Technical expectations from a PM in Web3
PMs & the Phases of a Web3 Product
Tips to be a Successful Web3 PM
Truths about a Web3 PM

Getting a Job in Web3

How to Become a Blockchain PM
Technical Skills needed
Soft Skills needed

End Notes


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