Vedic Maths – Auxiliary (Helper) Fractions

Convert Vulgar Fractions to Recurring or Infinite Decimals

What you will learn

How to convert vulgar fractions into recurring or infinite decimals!

One Line expansions of vulgar fractions like 1/19, 23/799, 67/101, and countless others!

There are patterns in Vulgar fractions even if the denominators are prime! Find them!


The courses Vedic Maths – A Strong Foundation and Vedic Maths – Intermediate Level Techniques are a pre-requisite to this wonderful course.

If you have been learning Vedic/Fast Maths by watching “magic math tricks” and “shortcuts” you’ve been DOING IT WRONG!!

In these lectures, you will learn how to convert horrible looking fractions like 1/19, 2/399, 4/51, 6/601 and a lot more (!!) into their decimal equivalents using A SINGLE LINE of MENTAL CALCULATION in LESS THAN A MINUTE! The techniques of auxiliary fractions DO NOT EXIST in conventional mathematics and yet, once you learn them you will never fear vulgar fractions and fractions that seem “difficult” to convert to decimals. The second section of this course will open up your observation into patterns that are hidden in plain sight in decimal expansions – both terminating and recurring and you will be able to exploit these patterns to your advantage.

The course does not look at Vedic Maths as a set of “magic tricks” and “shortcuts” (and I discourage anyone to study Vedic maths as “tricks”), but instead this course teaches practical level mental mathematics while clearly explaining the logic of each method. So once the students understand the logic the methods become second-nature and there is no memorisation required.

If this course sparks in you a thirst for more (Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Conics and Calculus), I will consider my purpose served and I look forward to seeing you in future courses.



Introduction – What you will learn

Introduction – What you will learn

Auxiliary Fractions

Auxiliary Fractions Part 1
Auxiliary Fractions Part 2
Auxiliary Fractions Part 3
Auxiliary Fractions Part 4
Auxiliary Fractions Part 5
Auxiliary Fractions Part 6

Recurring Decimals and Patterns

Recurring Decimals



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