The Ultimate Guide to get fluent in English Phrasal Verbs

Learn, practice, and REMEMBER 300 of the most commonly used phrasal verbs in English. Get fluent in phrasal verbs now!

What you will learn

Don’t just learn, but practice and REMEMBER phrasal verbs and their meanings

Discover simple tips and tricks to help you learn & REMEMBER phrasal verbs more effectively

Practice using phrasal verbs in different contexts with tons of interactive quizzes and games

Feel more confident using phrasal verbs in everyday conversation

Learn how to use 300 phrasal verbs naturally and fluently

Learn the grammar and logic behind phrasal verbs

Understand which phrasal verbs can be used in different contexts


Change phrasal verbs from your worst enemy into your best friend!

If you’re studying English and you HATE phrasal verbs, this course will not only help you learn phrasal verbs in a fun and effective way but also help you remember them and use them naturally in a conversation!

Don’t just passively study, but ACTIVELY practice.

With over 8 hours of video lessons, 300 flashcards, and 120 games, this is the only phrasal verbs course that helps you to ACTIVELY PRACTICE the phrasal verbs you learn in different ways. In every video, you will learn 10 new phrasal verbs as well as their alternative meanings, plus there are 3 interactive quizzes within each video. After that, you can practice all of your phrasal verbs using interactive flashcards sets and different games and quizzes.

Are you sure you know how to use that phrasal verb???

Throughout every video, there will be interactive quizzes where you can practice using phrasal verbs in a variety of contexts. The teacher can see your responses and will let you know if you’re using the phrasal verbs correctly. You will get constant feedback throughout the entire course! This will really help you not only understand exactly how to use phrasal verbs but it will also get those them into your long-term memory. Which will make it much easier for you to remember them the next time you need to use them in a conversation.

Course includes:

  • +8 hours of video lessons
  • 120 interactive games (4 games per video)
  • 30 flashcard sets (300 flashcards in total)
  • 30 PDFs with detailed definitions and examples
  • 3 interactive quizzes per video (with tutor feedback)
  • 30 vocabulary themes

Finally get confident with phrasal verbs.

This course will finally help you get to grips with phrasal verbs, be confident about using them and sound more natural and fluent when you speak English. Still not sure? Take a look at the preview videos to see how fun and interactive this course really is!

Click the ‘take this course now’ button and come and join over 50,000 students currently studying with i-Speak English. Let’s get you fluent in phrasal verbs!



Phrasal Verb 1-100

Welcome to the course + Q&A
How this course works
Understanding Phrasal Verbs – PVs 1-10
STUDY – Phrasal Verbs 11-20
AROUND THE HOUSE – Phrasal Verbs 21-30
MONEY – Phrasal Verbs 31-40
WORK – Phrasal Verbs 41-50
RELATIONSHIPS – Phrasal Verbs 51-60
FEELINGS – Phrasal Verbs 61-70
SOCIAL LIFE – Phrasal Verbs 71-80
HEALTH – Phrasal Verbs 81-90
PERSONALITY – Phrasal Verbs 91-100

Phrasal Verbs 101-200

HOW YOU SPEAK – Phrasal Verbs 101-110
HOW YOU MOVE – Phrasal Verbs 111-120
CLOTHES – Phrasal Verbs 121-130
IDEAS – Phrasal Verbs 131-140
SUCCESS & FAILURE – Phrasal Verbs 141-150
PROBLEMS – Phrasal Verbs 151-160
DECISIONS – Phrasal Verbs 161-170
YOUR BODY – Phrasal Verbs 171-180
NATURE – Phrasal Verbs 181-190
PLACES – Phrasal Verbs 191-200

Phrasal Verbs 201-300

TRUTH & LIES – Phrasal Verbs 201-210
WEATHER – Phrasal Verbs 211-220
FOOD & DRINK – Phrasal Verbs 221-230
TECHNOLOGY – Phrasal Verbs 231-240
RULES & LAWS – Phrasal Verbs 241-250
MEMORY – Phrasal Verbs 251-260
SOUND – Phrasal Verbs 261-270
EXCLAMATIONS – Phrasal Verbs 271-280
ORGANIZATION – Phrasal Verbs 281-290
POLITICS – Phrasal Verbs 291-300
Bonus Lecture

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